Driving License

Sorry I put a comment but I see how it didn’t come out

I found out today that we no longer need to be tested every 3 years and up it to 5 new laws :slight_smile:

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I think it depends on the medical condition

Link to th info?

I have a 3 year driving license (my 2nd since MS caused the DVLA to issue a more limited one), but have never been required to take a driving-test again.

Looking forward to documentary evidence that this restriction has been extended to 5 years and clarification that we’re specifically talking about the validity of the license and not a proposed re-testing schedule ?!!


Ok I got my driving licence back today expires 2021 now

i have had MS since 2003 and also have anxiety and OCD all reported so all those conditions and I got a 5 year break I asked why and they said its a new law just been passed because I used to be tested every 3 years now 5 :slight_smile:


Sorry I never have another TEST its to check your safe to drive


Well, this will not do me any good.

When I got mS, they took away my 3-year Elderly licence and gave me a new 3-year MS licence.
If they start giving out 5 year licences to PwMS, you can bet your **** that mine will revert to 3-year Elderly type (and mine is up for renewal in February).

Just another example of Government “cost-cutting”. They have already done away with the paper part of the licence (and complicated things for a lot of people renting a car for their US holiday.

Guess what will happen next?


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I don’t really understand what you mean but maybe because I’m 34 and I’m guessing this will effect older person more :frowning:

yes I didn’t get back my paper part so I do get that part

Some car rental firms in the US take a photocopy of the paper part of the DL and put it with your file.
This used to tell them if you had any convictions, points on licence, etc.
Now, you have to apply within 3 weeks of travelling, get a code number that lets the hire firm check your record if they want to.

Everything online now to “save” money.
Over time, everyone will lose their paper part.


I’ve just got my ‘time to apply for your renewal driving license’ letter.

I was thinking about not bothering because my motability car is also due for renewal, and I haven’t driven it even once. We had it adapted but I can’t get me to the car, in the car and with the wheelchair, let alone be able to self propel myself anywhere once I’ve arrived at a destination. So it’s never been possible let alone necessary. My lovely OH drives all the time. And when he was suddenly taken ill a couple of years ago, my BF flew down from Scotland to help me and it was a matter of a quick phone call to get her on the insurance.

So, I was thinking, am I ever going to drive again? Am I going to get the new car adapted? Unlikely.

But then I thought, what if circumstances suddenly changed? There is no way I want to be taking a driving test again!!!

So I shall reapply for my 3/5 year license and keep my options open.


I’ve just had my licence renewed - three years since I informed DVLA about the diagnosis and got my licence reduced to a 3 year one; have just had it renewed again. This time I had to go to my GP and confirm with him that I hadn’t had any vision problems or any other issues, and am perfectly capable of driving (“well I’m here, aren’t I?”) and this time my licence is a 5 year one. Just have to inform DVLA if anything changes in a big way.

HELP! I am so nervous. I have just informed the DVLA of my recent diagnosis. I permanently have double vision when I look to the right and was given glasses from the Hospital which have a small strip of tape to stop the double vision… Are they going to take my license?!

Can’t speak for the DVLA, but if they’re OK with you driving, and your GP is OK with you driving, I can’t see there being any problem with it. It’s a terribly hard day when you have to send your licence back, but I’ve got over that now…

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The problem is my GP hasn’t dealt with me at all I was sent to Manchester then sent to Preston and it’s been out of the GP’s hands, the eye hospital had said I wasn’t able to drive without the glasses and I am not insured without them. Fingers crossed!! I worked hard for that licence ha

I just got my renewed license through the post. It’s only for 3 years. So clearly some people may get a 5 year license, but not all.

Still, I was in two minds whether to bother renewing it. My current Motability car is 3 years old at the beginning of December, I haven’t driven it once. And I’m not planning on getting the new one adapted. I just thought I’d renew in case a miracle ever happened and I was cured!!


I informed DVLA of my diagnosis, they contacted my GP, and Neurologist, and didn’t change anything on mine and no restrictions as of yet and i am still allowed to drive PSV but that medical is due in 2 years, but having changed jobs i’m not renewing that part.

Is the law with testing the same with new arrivals?

most likely because after all it’s not about nationality but it’s about if you have MS or not but im not sure

Fast forward to 2022.

Having informed DVLA about my MS diagnosis back in covid-lockdown-affected 2021, they got back to me a year later, rescinding my 10-year driving licence and I can expect to receive a replacement 3-year medical licence shortly.

Current policy is to take medical reports to determine ability to drive rather than retesting. A retest suggests an inability to follow the highway code rather than a physical impairment, so retesting won’t necessarily provide an answer to the right question.

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When I informed them of my MS in 2017 they gave me a 3 year licence and then I had to renew during the first lockdown 2020 and, yes, they took a long time but they gave me a 5 year one. Maybe it’s based on when you have had a relapse/what happened in it? In 2020 my most recent relapse was 2018 and had been mainly in my hearing so not very relevant to driving? Or maybe it’s arbitrary.