Driving Licence C1 & D1 Restrictions


I have finally after six months of waiting received notification from DVLA that due to my medical condition (MS) that my driving licence will be reduced to a 3 year licence - I knew this was going to happen. What I was not expecting was the loss of C1 and D1 entiltlement which means I can no longer drive our motorhome.

DVLA have said I can re-apply to have C1 & D1 added back, this means a full medical from the GP and the guidance notes make reference to MS not being accepted for these catagories.

Has anyone else managed to have these put back on a licence which has medical conditions?



I think it is standard to change licence to three years when getting an MS diagnosis, still, not nice to receive. Sort of brings it home a bit hey? Hope you are feeling ok about it, or as ok as you can do. Sorry not had to worry about C1 & D1 so can’t really help with that…just thought I would reply : ) Mish x

As far as I know noone has. Try to get used to it and not feel too bad about it

l think most of us, who had to have the 3yr restricted licence, had sections removed without realising. Mostly, towing and driving vehicles over a certain weight. Do respond though - and apply to get them reinstated. lts always worth fighting for.

When I got my 3 year licence, I noticed I’d list some categories but as I only ever drive cars these days, I wasn’t particularly bothered about it. However, since you would use C1 and D1, it is definitely worth trying to get them back.

Good luck.

Very interesting, I did not have C1 or D1 but they let me keep my motorcycle license (not that I can ride anymore with my balance problems).

I’ve just got my first 3 Year license back, kept my motorcycle category, but lost my c1 & D1 , spoke to them about it , apparently they will give you an assessment on those category’s and reinstate them if ok. Apparently the assessment is relatively simple. Worth checking out. Take care Gray