Driving licence and towing

Can anyone help, just received a letter for dvla restricting me to a 3 yr licence ,it freaked me out a bit till I read on here it’s normal but I also saw in one comment about towing ? Does anyone know if I am now unable to tow as I do all the time as I have horses . I passed my test in the 80s so never needed to do a trailer test just wondering if my Licence doesn’t restrict me will have now have to do my test ?

hi mollymoo

ring DVLA and ask them.

tell them that towing is important to you as you have horses.

good luck

carole x

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Am I correct in assuming a new 3-year driving licence has been issued to you?

In this case, there is a category that covers towing a trailer/horsebox.

As long as your new licence entitles you to drive a vehicle in the group “BE” (car & trailer/horsebox), you should be OK. (Section 9 on the front of the licence will say which groups are allowed.)

If group “BE” is no longer included, you may need to take a separate test. As suggested by catwomanCarole58, may be worth ringing the DVLA for clarification/advice.

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I’ve had ms for almost 20 years. After I told DVLA they restricted my licence… I’m not allowed to tow. And I’m not allowed to drive a mini bus… something to do with the number of seats

Thanks all… reading it properly they look to be just removing the c1 and d1 so hopefully the BE is still there but I think I will give them a call… so much for my neuro saying it won’t make any difference … clearly he’s out of touch !