driving appraisal

i friend fellow mser as just been told b dvla she has to go for driving appraisal,is this the same as a driving test reverse parking etc,is very worried,because she dont do tose things normally,or is it just to see if u can drive safley

Hi Colin

I had to go for one last time I renewed.

Its not like a driving test. I had to do a reaction test first, which was on a laptop in an office - you just had to press a pedal when different prompts come up on the screen. Then we went, in the instructors car for a 30 minute drive, there was some reversing involved but it is just to check you can handle the car safely and not to look at a 3 point turn or parking or anything like that. I was so so nervous about it - but it was absolutely fine. Pls tell your friend not to worry its not like a driving test at all.



I had an assessment a few years ago at the mobility centre in Derby and they were great, really supportive. They weren’t trying to prove I wasn’t safe to drive, but the opposite - they were looking to see what I’d need to help me drive. So I had a go in a few different cars with different hand controls, and I was able to get a feel for them and decide which would work best.

As Hayley says, your friend doesn’t need to worry.


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