Dried Apricot

Hi, For the last couple of days, I’ve put some dried apricots on my breakfast and last night I put some on my salad a tea time as well. However, by some strange coincidence, I’ve also had terrible fatigue during this time as well. Today, I had a late breakfast, about 10am, and shortly after I came down with the most terrible fatigue. My ears felt blocked, my head felt like I was coming down with a monster cold, my legs ached and I had zero energy. My poor 12year old has been pushing me to the loo using the computer chair! However, at 3pm it all wore off. I’ve been able to get to the loo unaided again, go into the kitchen and prepare stuff for my sons’ tea, and generally feel my old self again. Has anyone else experienced this? Heather

Not experienced this myself, Heather.

Maybe you’re allergic to apricot? Have you considered being allergy-tested?

In the meantime, I’d be very tempted to avoid apricot just to see if that made a difference. (…of course it could be be purely coincidental with something else causing a negative reaction?)

Best of luck finding out the cause,


Hi Heather, Are you sure it isn’t exactly what you say: “some strange coincidence”? I often get worse days, for no apparent reason, and I’ve given up trying to analyse diet, or what I’ve done that day, as nothing has ever shown a pattern. The only thing I’m now reasonably sure is linked (for me) is weather - which of course I can do nothing about. So I’ve just had to accept that some days it will play up if it wants to. Having said that, digestion does use up energy, and I think dried apricots are pretty tough to digest, so who knows? Maybe they really are using up energy, leaving you with less to spare? Never found this with any food myself, though. Preparing it, yes - long standing in a hot kitchen doesn’t help. But eating it, no - never had any conspicuous reaction to anything. Tina x

That’s interesting, cause I’ve found lots of foods tigger fatigue, eg. Meat, baked potatoes. Dried apricots just seem to be another added to the list. Guess we’re all different.