Afternoon everyone, hope you’re all doing ok, just before xmas I came off Pregabalin because I wasn’t suited to it, I had only been on it for 8 wks, previously I was taking Gabepentin which was no longer doing the job it should, anyway since then my fatigue has been really awful, I just can’t stop being tired, now I thought once I was off the Pregabalin the fatigue would improve, oh no, the trouble is I don’t know whether it’s because I don’t take them anymore as some are suggesting, or if it’s just the MS, ie time of year, weather and all that, I can’t do alot without being really done in, this morning I only had a shower and washed my hair, thats it, rested on sofa all morning, have been for my rest, about an hour, got up walked to the bin, made a sandwich, done in, I just feel it’s all fatigue at the moment, anyone else feel like this, take care, Jean x x

Hi Jean, I was wondering how you were, as not seen you on the boards lately.

Have you ever tried amantidine for fatigue? I tried it for a short while, but it made my constipation worse, so I gave up on it, before it had chance to work.

I do believe we all suffer a kind of sad at this time of year, especially as we are indoors more.

I am sleeping more than usual. Just wishing the cold months away, I guess. Wish we could hibernate

…and come out slim… in my case!

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, thanks for you’re reply, yes I have tried that some time ago and unfortunately it didn’t agree with me, I’ve tried both the meds for fatigue, but I have to say you always make me smile, come out slim, now I think we all wish for that and I do agree about wishing these cold months away, hope you’re doing ok, take care, love Jean x

Hello Jean,

SNAP! For some reason, I feel totally exhausted and jelly-legged. I put it down to the weather, as even mortals (non MS folk) are complaining about how exhausting the start of Spring is for them. I hope it soon clears for all of us.

Best wishes,


Thanks Moira, I’ll second that, can’t wait for the warmer weather, Luv Jean x

Yep its quite common with ms, besides doing not a lot the whole body shakes and fatigue hits like a ton of bricks. Not nice at all is it. I know when mine passes, I wake up one morning and want to get up, very rare but sometimes it does happen that it goes as fast as it comes. Just surfacing, although this lunchtime had that spaced out feeling which no=one can quite describe yet we all feel it and its like being on another planet, hate it.

Hope yours soon goes Jean and that your able to have a day without it to enjoy. Chin up lassie, we are all holding your hand in sympathy and fully understand, you are not alone, it helps just to know that luv.



Hello Jean, and I hope you feel better than expected.Have you any way of measuring the humidity in your house? For a few years I was affected by the heat,and liked the cold.As I’m aging, very gracefully of course, I’ve realised that humidity is a major factor in my energy levels.The humidity in my flat is below 30% and this suits me just fine.I strive to ‘play out’ for a couple of hours each day,whatever the weather,and getting back into a stable environment is important.

I do have three dehumidifiers,but 'cos the central heating is on for a few hours each day the humidity is stable. I did find that the humidity in the bedroom would rise when my silly little body was lying in there for a few hours.Just a few thoughts that may mean something to you,

Best wishes,


thanks for you’re replies, thanks for holding my hand Bren, it means such alot, Wb like you I have a dehumidifier, the heating is on all the time but never too hot, I try to get some exercise and not sit around all the time but this has a knock on effect, can’t BL**Dy win and I agree with you Pat comes out of no where and then just goes, with the fatigue I’m also getting the funny/wobbly head difficult to describe, oh the joys of MS, never mind onwards and upwards, take care and thanks again, Luv Jean x x x

Hi I spend 1 hour twice a week in an oxygen chamber at my local MS therapy centre and find relly helps combat fatigue.


Thanks for you’re reply Peter, where is that please, I’m in West Yorkshire. Jean

Hi Jean, Just google ms therapy centres and they are all listed, I think there is one in Shipley.



i never knew such a thing existed. will try finding one in london somewhere