Door opener and closer

Morning all

please can anyone recommend a company that installs a door opener/closer that operates wireless - I’m in wheelchair and only use of. One hand so pressing buttons is out - seen some voice operated ones in the U.S

kind regards


have you had a good google for this? I bet someone somewhere does them.

maybe someone here will reply to your post.


Only the other day a question was asked about a product that might help a person off the floor when they fall. A brilliant answer was given by Sewingchick:

I think this is one you might be able to get designed for you. There is a charity called Remap where engineers (mostly retired) will come to your home and design something to help you. Definitely worth getting in touch with them to ask for help - sounds like just the kind of thing they do. The website is

​This might be of help for you with your automatic door opener/closer.