Automatic front door opener

Good morning all

I am asking if anyone can recommend a good company to install a automatic front door opening and closing Unt - prefer it to be wireless is having trouble with dexterity and wheelchair-bound

Many thanks


Have you tried googling the subject?

That`s where I would go.


I’d like one just to open the door from the inside as when I’m in my manual wheelchair, trying to open the bloody inward opening door is a flaming difficult thing. People have often given up and gone away by the time I’ve got the door open.

Sorry, I know this isn’t helpful David. Just a general moan. I hope you find what you’re looking for.



I live in Gloucestershiire and a company called C.A.P. Security Ltd from Bristol installed mine at a cost of £2,000. We didn’t require a new door, they automated the existing one.

I don’t know what part of the country you are in, so this may not be any help to you, but in case the mans name is Jim Siepe phone number [removed by moderator] and it enables me to go in and out in my chair without assistance, and once out it automatically locks the door.

Hope this helps.

Pam x

There is no way you should pay for one; see your O/T.


2k Pam!!! that`s daylight robbery!

Im sure it shouldnt cost so much, but then it isnt summat Ive looked into.

Maybe an OT can help.


Hi Poll

Yes I agree it’s daylight robbery, but I had no choice. Phil was in hospital for a couple of weeks and I could not reach the door to even shut it, let alone lock it, it made me housebound. I managed by asking neighbours every time I needed to go out, but it opened my eyes to the long term problem.

OT would have installed a huge ramp right down to the gate, which would have completely blocked off the garage so it could not be used! So I had no choice, as we all find out, it’s bloody expensive being disabled, but hey ho.

Pam x

True, sadly. Mention disability and the price trebles! But if we need it, we need it. Owt for an easier ride!