Door openers

Hello everyone Has anyone got any ideas for getting in and out all my front door a little more easier. At the moment in my wheelchair I had to reach up open the door a few inches moved my chair back a few inches and repeat the process six or seven times until the gap is wide enough for me to get out when I come back the reverse is true any ideas most most welcome. Kind regards David

Hello David,I understand your problem and it is only through a strict rigmarole that I can get out through the lobby door to the flats where I live. First job is to open the door and chock it open.I use a shall plastic wedge with strong nylon cord attached.There is also half a small pop bottle and a hook involved.The hook is to hang the pot off the door,into which everything is eventually stuffed.

Once I’ve got onto the required Buggy,an epic performance in itself,I reverse out through the open door and take the hook and pot with me.Once I’m far enough out a sharp pull on the cord moves the wedge and the door closes on the self closer,and I put the cord, wedge and hook in the pot,stow it on the Buggy and venture forth into the great unknown.

I’m betting you haven’t got a self closer on your door,but 'praps my boring little story has given you ideas. Getting in is equally absurd.



I don’t know because I (just) manage to walk enough to get in and out my front door. However, my back door is a sliding door, this is nothing to do with ms, it’s just that it slides open onto my decked area of garden. Must admit, I’ve never seen anyone with a sliding front door but it might be possible! Cheryl:-)

Well the problem seems to be your reach? you can’t reach far enough forward to pull on the door without it hitting your wheelchair. Perhaps a cane with a hook end or similar device would allow you to open the door, wheel yourself outside of the swing arc and then reach with the cane, hook on the handle and pull/push it fully open/closed in one go.

Attatch a piece of string to the handle of the cane and place a hook on the wall outside your door and then after opening the door and going outside you can store it near the door for re entering and then you don’t have to carry it around while outside.

Exactly what I would suggest…a piece of string and a hooked cane.

I`m a simple female, but I did think of this idea before reading your replies…honest!

Tell us if it works, yeh?

luv Pollx

hi David,

This all sounds very complicated, and exhausting,

Instead of using a Heath Robinson solution, why don’t you approach Remap, a team of engineers, who volunteer to help people such as yourself to overcome difficult problems. They may have a solution to your problem which I believe is a problem for many other people in similar circumstances. Their e-mail address is

hiya smiler!

the cheeky but unhelpful answer is-thats why i have kids! (joking folks)

my friend (and his carer) wear things round their neck and its a remote for unlocking and opening the door. will ask him for more info if u want…?

good to see u around,ellie x