Dont know where my head is or how Im feeling.

Hi all

I know there has been a few posts on here and emotions and wellbeing ect at the moment and I am sorry for another post along those lines, but Im so confused with myself and how I am feeling at the moment.

Thought writing it down ect might help me find a bit of insight.

Ive been suffering for the past few weeks with fatigue and brain fog.

Plus feeling frustrated that I cant get on and do what I want to do at the moment, as i have to pace myself and take it easy.

I have also had those sad feeling days and cant put my finger on the reason of why.

But just recently I have had a quite serious family problem to deal with and suffered the sudden loss of a beloved pet family member.

I am still suffering a bit from fatigue, or more the feeling of I have no energy to do anything. Every task seems daunting to me.

The brain fog is playing up a little and I just seem to only be able, or only want to be able, to focus on, get kids up and get them ready for school, pick them up and cook their tea and put them to bed. The bits in between, I dont seem to have any motivation or energy to concentrate on.

Is this just ms fatigue and brain fog playing up or is depression sinking in and playing a part too?

Im so confused in my head!

Teri x

Hi Teri,

From your posting it sounds more like grief to me.

And this takes time to recover from grief.

I hope you start to feel more at ease soon, but bereavement takes time to get over.

(((((Hugs)))) Mary

Hi Teri, I’m inclined to agree with what Mary has said. But brain fog and fatigue also play a large part in MS and if you put them altogether it’s no wonder you feel as you do. You will come out of it as you are stronger than you think. In the mean time I’m sending you lots of (((((HUGS))))) Janet x

Aww Teri

Sorry to hear you are feeling this way.

Like Mary says. It sounds much like a grief thing. I remember when I lost my beloved family pet dog I was heartbroken and the stress of it caused my MS to really play up. The brain fog for example was much worse than usual.

Hope the feeling lifts soon for you.

Take care

Shazzie xx

Hi teri, I`m not surprised you are felling so low.

MS and brain fog are bad enough, but then to add a serious family problem makes it worse.

And then to lose a pet is another awful experience to magnify bad feelings.

Our pets are very much part of our family and we miss them dreadfully.

It could be that you are suffering from depression, so perhaps a talk with your GP may help.

Look after yourself hun.

luv Pollx