feeling down


today is my day off work and when i was feeling ,well, awake, i thought i might try and plan things and be positive, but now it’s a toss up between that or just going back to can i plan things when i can hardly stay awake. I am like one of those toy dolls that you lay down and voila , its eyes close and its asleep.i felt tired before but i’ve started taking gabepentin and don’t know if this is making me sleepier and down.A good friend died recently and i that could attribute to me feeling down but i feel desolate. have a really good friend but now feel how can we plan a future when it feels like there’s not much to look forward to.

just need a holiday from pain

Hi hun sorry ur feeling so down.

I have not been diagnosed with MS but have def been thru the wars the last 6 weeks. It sounds like you are just having a bad patch but trust me things will improve…things do get better and u need to have faith in that.

Sorry about losing ur friend. must be awful. that is probably contributing to you feeling tired to be honest.

Try and stay positive hun…x