any ideas

Hiya all. Things seem to be getting on top of me again. My ms seems to be appearing again i have numbness blurry vision headache a d generally feel very tired. I also have a 13month old son

I am feeling similar in my MS is getting on top of me and wearing me down. I don’t have a 13 month old to care for as well. I look after my godson occasionally he is the same age and having him for the day exhausts me. I’m sorry can’t offer any magical solution but can send you hugs. Take care

Thanks barney owl. Hugs back to you. I used to be a strong independent gal. All i seem to do at the moment is get annoyed at my husband and son for stupid little things which seems pathetic. I trust very few people. At the moment i feel like i cant even trust my husband. He is the only that knows that i have MS

Be kind to yourself ms is hard work.I’m in a relapse at the moment and feel crap I have a 3 year old who wants me to play and go to the park and I feel so mean not being able to.Your bound to get snappy I sure do! I try to be positive but it’s hard at times, dealing with this and looking after a little one,work and keeping a marriage alive is alot to take care of so I don’t think we are doing too badly