dolwnstairs for first time in two weeks

Yep I have rediscovered the downstairs after having been confined to bed for 15 days. The new antibiotics have finally kicked in and I am up and if not exactly about I am sitting watching the Qualifiing for the F1. Now I need to try and regain some strength, but for today I aim to just enjoy my surroundings so excersises can wait till Monday.But my wife just reminded me I am due a catheter change next week so maybe this trip will be short lived as I usualy spend a day in bed after the nurse has been. See how exciting MS can be! dont you just love it?

Yep…love it to bits!!, Qualy was a tad boring wasn’t it? Good result though …for a change. Fingers crossed for the race…and for you hoppity! Regards, Nina

Ah Hoppity… very glad things are looking up!

Pat x

Glad things are improving for you Hoppity! Teresa xx

Thanks folks I overdid it on Saturday and ended up spending yesterday in bed but I am up again today once again thanks for your good wishes if this weather stays bright I hope to get a coffee at Sandwich bay nature reserve later in the week.

Hi, good to hear you are feeling better now. Hope the trip out comes off.

luv Pollx

Hope you get your coffee at the nature reserve! Think you deserve it after being confined to quarters.




heeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeee still no trip out, My time in bed took mmore out of me than I knew I ended up back in bet today again GRRRRRRRRR. sTILL i got to sleep all day and now I am awake and in bed with my laptop and a pack of pain killers and some gaviscon, you cant say I dont know how to role. I hope sleep comes sometime before dawn. Just watched Jools Holland but turned off the film, it was about a kidnapped kid and I hate anythinng to do with scaring children I am a big softie at heart. and cry bat the soppiest of things my 22 year old son tells me I am just an emotional wreck

Hope you sleep tonight Hoppity. The night seems to last a million years when you can’t sleep.

One great thing about Amitriptyline is that I sleep really deep most of the time… but still get the occasional night when the old brain just won’t shut down (I worry about things that happened 40 years ago… madness!)

22 year old son’s are incredibly hard-hearted. Take no notice.

Pat x That’s me out for the count!