Hi folks

I have been absent without leave, woke up (which is normally a plus) thinking I’d been hit by a 10 tonne truck! I could barely get out of bed on Sunday so I didn’t. I was being sensible (for a change), it seems to have worked I’m up and writing this AND then I’m going back to bedTake care folks, if your body shouts slow down and rest, I recommend listeningM

Hi M, so sorry you’ve been so unwell! I did notice you were awol but sometimes I know we need a little break and nothing more annoying then PatB messaging and shouting WHERE ARE YOU!!!

Glad you are getting a bit better… and yes love, very sensible doing the right thing and staying in bed and resting!!!

Going to a friend’s today for our little Xmas ‘do’. We’ve been friends for 38 years! Hope my energy holds out. Got a taxi coming at noon…

Take care M and feel better soon.

Missed you,

Pat x

Sorry you’re not feeling so good M - bed is definitely the best place to be! I’m trying to all the Christmas wrapping and it’s absolutely knackering - as you say, as much rest as possible! Take care and I hope you feel much better soon. Have a lovely time with your friend Pat. Bet you have a right old chinwag. I have been friends with someone for 33 years. We were best friends at school and she just happens to have MS! What a horrible coincidence! Teresa xx

Hi M

Sorry to hear you have been unwell, rest, rest and rest some more.

Hope you feel better soon.

Have a lovely time Pat, and Teresa yes, wrapping is exhausting, take care.

Pam x

I was lying in bed thinking you’ve turned into a very lazy soul, yip and I don’t care!! Feeling a bit better thanks every bodytake care, be safe M

You lie in bed darlin’ and chill chill chill

Living in sheltered housing is very busy sometimes. Going down at 2pm for the Xmas party!

Taking my 98 year old neighbour down with me. She has just lost one of her closest friends. They met over 70 years ago. Very sad.

The West Indian woman above me has cooked a chicken curry and rice for the party (YUM) plus they’ll be all the usual sausage rolls and mince pies… and live musicians!

I’m very lucky living here!!!

Love to all, and feel better soon M…

Pat x (by tomorrow I think I’ll be as well… my body is already buzzing like mad…) XXX

M, I hope that lots of rest helps you and you feel more like yourself really soon xxx

Pat, I hope you are having/had a lovely christmas do. xxx

Have 2 friends coming tonight. Really looking forward to it…and the gossip!

Take good care all of you.