Doing too much!

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I was emboldened to do some washing up. With the tall stool by the sink, I manfully (ha ha) got stuck into the breakfast crockery, taking care to keep everything in one piece. Later in the day I chopped and onion, diced some carrot and crushed some garlic before gently frying them and adding the puy lentils once they had softened. All very gentle, all very sedentary. This morning however it feels as though I ran a marathon. So much for being useful. Was it the pure energy of being occupied? No! It was the short bursts of getting up abd down to check on things at the cooker. Turning things off, taking the rolls out of the oven and going to the fridge to uncork and pour wine. Why do we always fall into the trap of saying “while I can I will”, then feeling it the next day? At least the sun is shining and I’m listening to Haydn.

Be careful out there!


Hi Steve… yep it’s something I do all the time… but over time I’ve given into to it… make hay while the sun shines and pay for it next day… or often for next few days.

The problem with constantly pacing yourself is you never allow yourself that high of having a bit extra energy… so, to a degree, I just go with it.

However careful I am the fatigue monster will always come back and put me in bed for days on end so I end up thinking what’s the point. Carry on regardless!

Well not quite… I watch out for warning signs, dizziness, hug, buzzing & vibrating increasing, croaky voice, getting hot, confusion … all symptoms that tell me to ‘STOP NOW’.

Sun shining here today… lovely!

Pat x

Its lovely here and yep I am back in bed having gone out and sat in the car to have a bacon sarnie at our local nature reserve, My missus wentt for a walk while I listened to the archers on the radio but I have paid for a few hours out by being in bed for tondays and to top it all the nurse came and changed my catheter today, that always gives me at least a day in bed. On the kitchen front I am banned, spilled the roasties all over the floor and to many broken items when washing up. I sometimes wonder what use am I and then remember I am here to be a thorn in the side of everyone else, HEEEEEEEEEEEE HEEEEEEEEEEEE

Hi Steve,

I could have written that myself. Made a lasagne the other evening and it just finished me. Exactly as you say ,it’s the constant up and down and even the few steps to the cupboard, the sink, the oven, the hob, when you add them all up, it becomes a marathon. It was all I could do to finally get it out of the oven, put it on the trolley and push the trolley across the kitchen. So much easier just to get something out of the freezer and shove it in the oven. Sometimes making the effort to create a dish is simply just too much.

Hilary x

ps anyone know what I’m doing wrong that my lasagnes come out too runny and won’t hold their shape? I am just the worst cook

Hi all

With regard to doing too much…been there, done that, got the

Tshirt etc and spent the weekend in bed!! So annoying cos the weather

here was great, just my luck.

One thing I have learnt over the years, don’t matter how I try to push

through it and keep going, it doesn’t work, this b****y monster always


Take care, keep smiling

Pam x

Pam that is so true!

Hils, are you using the lasange pasta you can put straight in oven? Or boil first?

If boil first, undercook it slightly and let it cool before putting in oven… the steam might be making it runny. Same with sauce… let it cool slightly before oven.

Though to be honest, I now always buy it ready made!

Cooking is really hard work. And ready meals are loaded with sugar and salt. You just can’t win!!!

Pat x

Pat, I use the straight into the oven Pasta sheets. Thank you for the tip, I’ll try letting the sauces cool before throwing it all together. Thanks!

Hilary x

Had neurophysio today and then my 14 yo son’s parents’ evening I had to walk so far and negotiate steep steps and avoid masses of people. Absolutely cream-crackered now - talk about overdoing it! Phew! Should sleep well tonight - fingers crossed! Teresa xx

Hope you have a good rest today Teresa… and hope you did sleep well? Doesn’t always work like that does it… sometimes the more tired I am the harder it is to get to sleep.

Well done you hon… what a good mum you are getting through all that…

Pat x

Thanks Pat - I slept really well last night but have felt absolutely out of it today. I really needed to sleep but it was as you said, I was too tired to get to sleep. Overtired like when children are toddlers! Hopefully, I’ll sleep well again tonight. Don’t know if I’ll be able to face it next time Harry has parents’ evening - hubby may have to go by himself! Teresa xx

Hi all.

Thanks for all the fab tips. Yes, I have been over doing it and now have a numb face on the left handside!! Feels like a dental anaesthetic on the lip and notice it more on the face when applying makeup. Is it from over doing it? Advice please. I sent a text to my MS Nurse yesterday (someone said it was better this way, she would reply). Well I am still waiting for said reply!

My face has been like this now for over a week and getting more stressed by the day.

C x

Hi C, I know it’s really hard but try to bring stress levels down a bit… it’ll be making things worse.

However bad the numbness feels it cannot actually hurt you or cause anything dangerous. It is the sensation that has gone caused by the MS… but otherwise everything is normal and there’s no long-term damage.

Can you phone the MS nurse?

If not, why not call the MSS helpline… free to call… number is at the bottom of this page.

Try to relax in any way you can… warm bath… favourite film… as stress is not helping the symptoms.

Hope you manage to speak to someone today hon.

Sending you big (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUG))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Pat x