Doesn't rain but it pores!!!

Hi everyone

Haven’t been on the site for a while as things have been quite rubbish since Christmas. My daughter had 3 miscarriages and has been diagnosed with Hughes, after seeing a Consultant she is now awaiting an operation. Following a routine appointment with my MS Consultant I have had to have a full MRI, eye evoked test and a number of blood tests (1 of which to test me for Hughes). I also had to complete an application booklet to see if I am eligable to claim the replacement benefit for Incapacity which I found really difficult to complete and put me under alot of stress, my mum fell and broke her shoulder, my mum in law was robbed which has taken its toll as she is 86 and quite frail and my cat died. To top this I have had a relapse which started just before Christmas and went on until early May and due to chose savings in our area I was unable to get steriods or even an appointment to see my nurse any earlier than my routine appointment scheduled for June so felt really let down. Anyway just as things were beginning to improve I had a heart attack. I can’t drive, hoover, do anything to taxing (including sex) for 6 weeks and now have to have cardiac MRI. You have to laugh don’t you, things, I think, can only get better.


Oh Sue. You have been having way more than your share of trouble haven’t you? Hope you’re getting plenty of love and support and things start to get better from now on xx

Oh what a rubbish time you’ve been having! As if one or two horrible things in life were bad enough to do with but having everything thrown at you at once is just s**t! Do what the doctor ordered and rest rest rest! I hope you’ve got support around you to help out. Not sure what to say except for hugs! X

hi sue

you’ve had 5 years worth of bad news, hoping that its all done now.

treat yourself to a new kitty

carole x

Oh Sue, It didn’t just pour, it flooded you :frowning:

Well done for posting all that - when people keep telling me I’m brave, I feel like the ultimate fraud, it’s not so much coping as just gritting your teeth and trying really hard to keep breathing and eating etc.

Take care Sue, I don’t have any wise words for you but this is possibly one of the best dumping grounds ever! You’re right tho, most of the time you do have to laugh about it all.

Let’s hope there’s some light at the end of the tunnel, I for one would love some and you def deserve it! :slight_smile:

Sonia x