Does your thermostat work?

I am forever saying to people that my thermostat is broken! They think I am mad. But nothing new there.

When the weather is cold, if I don’t dress right (lots of layers so I can remove/put back on as needed), and get cold, I end up STAYING cold - I literally can’t warm up for hours. It’s dreadful and painful and makes my symptoms worse. Similarly, if I get too hot, my speech starts to slur and fatigue kicks in. None of this is helped by neuropathic pain in my lower legs where they feel permanently hot, whatever the weather, whatever the time of day.

My only advice would be to certainly mention it to your neuro; they’ll probably shrug, say “meh” and pat you on the head and send you on your way. Oh, wait, maybe that’s just my one . But do mention it - and when dressing, layering is the key!

I wish you the best


Hiya Jellysundae, yep I have the same problem, internal thermostat totally shot away. I spend my life wrapped in a fleece blanket. I have no concept of air temperature. I always have to ask someone if it’s cold. Today the sun is shining but might as well be the arctic. I’m housebound so really have no idea about outside temperature anymore, another thing ms has robbed me of. What I wouldn’t give to be normal!! Linda x