Does MS & Parkinsons start in the gut? Interesting article.

This is very interesting from MS UK… Pat xx

Open the top one ‘Could the first sign of Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis be a dodgy tummy?’ Pat xx

Yes I found this helpful . When I had my attack in Nov 2008 which was the start of my problems I had a very nervous butterfly tummy which led to diahherea. My twins were sitting the 11plus. After 5 days of the butterfly tummy and the runs, numbness and fatigue set in etc!

I have always been prone to butterfly tummy and the runs even when I was a teenager sitting my own exams. I used to have sit on the loo half and hour before exam while the contents of my breakfast past through me. My friends used to keep me going.

Moyna xxx

Hi Moyna, I can’t think of one single event that I had, but during my teens and my twenties I regularly used to get terrible vomiting bouts and would be up all night really sick. Years later I found out it might have been a form of migraine where you don’t get a headache but just the vomiting. Probably not connected but who knows? I can trace my MS symptoms back to my 30’s… and not diagnosed till I was 57. I don’t always post articles on here but thought that one was very interesting… esp the link between gut and brain. Hope you’re doing well, Pat xx

I was dx at 54…don’t know why I said 57…probably because I can’t believe it was that long ago! Pat xx

IInteresting article. I was diagnosed last year with PPMS at 58. Neuro suggested I could have had my symptoms around 20 years, going by the things I told him. Right from my teens, I can remember having stomach problems. Recall having a lot of time off school but can’t remember why. It was chronic headaches/migraine that led to diagnosis…does make you think…interesting. X

Sorry, should have said could have had the lesion for about 20 years.

i have suffered constipation most of my life, now with MS in a wheelchair etc I have the best bowel regime of my life. One upside to MS for me.thats me laughing in the face of MS

Haha I like it Don!!! Pat xx

Interesting artical

Actually, I was 57 last year…I’m 58 now. God help the patients if I was still working in nursing now

Interesting article. Not sure what to make of it as I have never had any stomach problems that I can remember. My father had ulcerated colitis and so has my youngest daughter. So I suppose it could be genetic. Don’t know. Too much for my brain I will leave it to the experts. Mags xx

Interesting article, but so many stomac aches are experienced by everyone. My husband died of massive heart attack after a week of indigestion at night and a full day having tests in hospital - but identifying a particular virus or bacteria for MS would be fantastic for early preventative treatment. I went for my first continence appointment this morning and was shown diagrams of how things work - the human body is so complicated I felt a bit overwhelmed. I was dxd when I was 43 but I had retrobullba neuritis at 27 and 36 but cannot remember any significant stomach aches. I am 63 now and have not had eye trouble since then, or stomach problems. Everyone is different but anything to help early dx is a good sign. Jackie x