Difficulty Swallowing

Hi there, Advice please if possible.

I have PPMS (a working diagnosis according to neuro consultant). I recently had a bout of severe pain at the top of my stomach. This lasted abbout 4 hours eventually at four in the morning the pain faded away. I don’t know if this is connected but, since then I’ve had a gradually uncomfortable ache at the bottom of my gullet. It is now almost painful in this area when I swallow.

Otherwise I have most of the usual symptoms of PPMS. Furniture walk indoors, use a stick while out, use Peristeen daily. Still driving though - Yeh!

Should I discuss with MS nurse or could this be unrelated to PPMS.

Slightly anxious Anne.


Perhaps I should have added - have spasms that are a cross between burps and hiccups! These are uncomfortable but not continual.

Sorry that I forgot this bit.

Still slightly anx Anne.

Hi Anne, welcome to the board!

Sounds to me like a stomach acid problem. There are those of us on here who have suffered badly from acid but it’s hard to get a neuro to say it’s related to MS, although there are a few internet sites which link it as a problem. Hiccups too are very MS in my opinion, but again a neuro probably wouldn’t agree.

I always get that cross between burps and hiccups & only ever happened since MS!

I suggest you see your GP and get it checked out. If it is stomach acid, Lansoprazole is a very good drug. You only take one capsule in the morning and wait half an hour before you eat anything. Works really well. Actually it’s changed my life as I had stomach acid all of the time.

Never assume something is caused by MS. It’s important to get stuff checked out as might be something going on that isn’t related to MS.

Glad you found us. This is a great place for support, advice and friendship. Glad to have you in the gang!

Pat xx


Hi Anne. I’m also not sure if it’s ms related, I think mine’s due to medication and I’ve had stomach ulcers in the past but I’m with Pat, Lansoprazole is a wonderful drug, helps a lot but you have to get it prescribed so please see your gp. If they’re concerned you might have ulcers etc they may refer you to a specialist, but they can make an educated guess as to whether it’ll help.

We often write everything down to ms and shouldn’t really, but having the forum has certainly eased my mind about some of the symptoms I’ve experienced. Please let us know how you get on.

Cath x


Hi Pat and Cath,

Thank you so much for your comments. I did wonder after I “posted” whether I over-reacted/worried as it was 3 o’clock in the wee small hours.

I’ve been on Lansoprazole for years as I had stomach ulcers in the past so I’m not sure what to think now. But, I will mention this spell to my GP. The spasms were not quite like anything I’ve had in the past. I did wonder if they were MS/neuro related. But, we shall see.

Regards, Anne

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Definitely see GP Anne. As you’re already on Lansprazole you need to get it checked out.

Let us know what happens,

Hope you’re having a nice Tuesday…sunshine and blue skies here in London.

Pat xx


Thank you Pat,

If we can find a medication to ease this ‘uncomfortableness’ I’ll be pleased to let you know. Watch this space.

I see my consultant on the 29th for a follow-up so will mention the ‘hiccups’ to him and see what he says.

It’s really good and relieving having somewhere like this forum to air problems and good times. So, thanks to all for their involvement.

Regards, Anne