Swallowing hurts

Hi all. Not sure if this is ms related but for about 5 days now my chest hurts when I swallow anything even my saliva. It’s feels like there is something stuck there all the time and feels like someone is stabbing me even when I’m just lay down. I went to the gp yesterday… Fresh out of uni, locum gp. She just pressed on my chest asked if I drink lots of tea or coffee and eat spicy foods. She said its probably reflux acid. I told her I haven’t had acid just the pain. Then she said its dyspepsia / indigestion. I told her I’ve tried all sorts of remedies and they haven’t worked. I told her I had ms which she ignored and said I need tablets from chemist. One a day for a month and if it doesn’t work come back and she will see if I need tests. I don’t know if I’m reading too much into it and maybe it is indigestion but the tablets she gave me are for eosophagus inflammation / ulcers and gastric reflux disease. I’ve taken a tablet this morning and all it’s done is made me feel like I’ve got burning in my throat. Sorry for ranting on but I didn’t really have any confidence in the gp. Anyone else have this? Karina.xx

Hi K, oh this is awful for you!

i had some chest, neck teeth pains at night and my GP sent me straight to see a cardiologist. After tests he diagnosed acid reflux!!!

I now tale 15mg lansoprazole each day and have only had the problem a couple of times since.

If you arre unhappy with the locum, why not ask to see a different GP?

Hope it gets sorted soon.

luv POllx

Thanks for your response pol. That’s the tablets I’m on but 30mg per day for a month. You just feel fobbed off sometimes and with all the ms symptoms, this pain is not what I wanted. The tablets have caused me to have burning in my throat too. :frowning: Karinaxx