Sudden throat/swallowing problem

Last night, I suddenly developed discomfort when swallowing. I now have a constant ache from the back of my throat (at the back of my tongue), all the way down to my breastbone (so the opening of my stomach, if my basic grasp of anatomy is correct). I can drink and eat but the pain after doing so is terrible (hence, I’m avoiding it).

Does this sound like the usual MS swallowing issues that can happen? I’ve never experienced this before so it’s something new for me. Any advice would be very useful.

Many thanks


Hi Sarah, sounds like acid reflux to me. I have pretty much the same if I don’t take my Lansoprisole which calms the acid in the stomach. I also have a Hyiatus hernia that gives me gyp sometimes. It can make your throat very uncomfortable. Are you taking meds? Certain ones can play havoc with stomach acid. I’d make an appointment to see doc. My swallowing problems are not due to acid reflux now, not painful to swallow as such, just scary when I can’t “push” the food down using my gullet properly. Go & see what doc advises, I left mine develop, a burst ulcer followed!!! Did take a lot of ignoring it though, not saying that’s what will happen!!! For comforts sake get it checked, you can’t not eat & drink, hope you feel better soon Tracey x

Yeah, I have acid reflux and have taken omeprazole for years. I’ve never had this feeling though - perhaps I’m just having a bad run of acid! Hopefully it’ll clear up as quickly as it started. Thanks for the reply x

Go docs babes, seriously, not nice at all. Wish I’d gone before burst ulcer, pain, omg!!! Give me 10 babies, 1 after the other, my words were, “kill me, or knock me out” that bad!!! go to doc hunny, asap Tracey x