Hi, I have RRMS. I am having problems when I eat I feel the food is not going down, also it is leaving like a lump in my throat Also my stomach hurts and feels full of acid. I am already on omeprozole and gaviscon. It doesn’t seem to help. Had blood test done and waiting for a camera to investigate. Does anyone get this problem, any advise what to do please ?


Could be Hyperthyroidism; see Overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) - NHS which is an overactive thyroid. Be careful with spelling as Hypothyroidism is underactive thyroid; one letter difference but different symptoms.

Good luck



Could they be separate problems?

Trouble swallowing is a fairly common MS symptom.

Stomach problems less likely to be related to MS.

Or both together maybe hiatus hernia? Stomach acid leaking through a hole would answer the acid trouble and could apply to the swallowing maybe?

It doesn’t sound to be like it’s thyroid related, but although I had overactive thyroid cured by surgery and now underactive, I only know my own experience, not a medical view.

Maybe you’ll have to wait till the endoscopy to see what the doctors say?



I see you are already under investigation by your GP.

Now believe it or not with acid reflux i was getting it every night eating rennies. saw GP omeprozole and then if it didnt get better camera job.

Well i thought i wonder if its what i am eating, so i read up on stuff i like. i eat loads of fruit, strawberry and blueberry, and would eat them for my evening tea with yoghurt. My care worker said why not eat them for breakfast instead see if it helps.

Well would you adam and eve it, I did and within 2 days ACID gone. Never taken a rennie since. I hadnt realised they can cause acid in the stomach here was me thinking they were uber healthy lol.

also another thing GERD is very common in MS.

I would wait to be honest your doctor is dealing with it, but look at what your eating a lot of it is down to food. Also drinking. caffeine especially. to cut down acid you need to go on a full bland diet. see how it works for 2 weeks. basically wipe the slate clean of what you eat, and go bland. Bland diet: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

One of my friends i advised her to do this and now she is so much better. Hers was too much meat (red), stews with onions, fried food etc oh and curry and pints of tea lol.

the swallowing is very common in MS and the more we worry about it the worse it gets. I can just barely swallow a small paracetamol without it sticking. I have choked on a pea. So i cut everything small now and i eat slow.

I wonder if it is diet because the omniprazole should cut back the acid. although to be fair i know quite a few people who take this and it doesnt seem to work.

try your diet but dont be too worried sometimes these things have the simplest of solutions. (eat small portions and never eat after 5/6pm, and loads of fresh water.