Acid Reflux/Bile Reflux

Evening everyone.

Looking for some advice again as I am so fed up of my unhelpful GP. I have been suffering with constipation, gas and piles for about 18 months. After going for a sigmoidoscopy all ok and piles gone. Started to take Fybogel, helps a little.

I had an allergic reaction to one of my MS drugs back in January and since then have suffered loss of taste and smell plus post nasal drip. To add to this I have suffered with what he now tells me could be acid reflux. He did diagnose me with asthma 12 years(but now dont think it is). I dont get heartburn but do get lots of clear/white mucus and like I have a lump in my throat and nasal problems.

Is this an MS symptom and does anyone else suffer from this?

I appreciate any advice



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Hi Helen,

Yes, it is a possible MS symptom, as sometimes the little valve (called a sphincter) that stops stomach acid leaking back into the oesophagus won’t stay closed properly, due to neurological problems.

Added to that, as you’ve found, drugs we take to deal with other symptoms may themselves cause digestive problems.

Of course, it might all be coincidence, and not caused by MS or your meds.

I don’t think the polyps or the throat lump (what is this?) are MS-related, although I have had nasty little things on my throat from time-to-time, too. Look up tonsil stones, or tonsiloliths.


Hi Helen, I’m not sure that it sounds like acid reflux. I get acid reflux and it very obviously feels like acid in my stomach… heartburn and I feel the acid coming up into my mouth and burning (have just started a drug for this which is great… stopped it completely)… but yours doesn’t sound the same.

It does sound more like sinus problem maybe? Possibly and infection in sinuses? (which can also be painful… do you get pain in nasal area or jaw area?).

Have you thought about changing GP? Quite an easy process but I know not so easy if you live in rural area.

Do you have an MS nurse you could contact?

It just doesn’t sound like acid reflux to me but I suppose it can vary person to person.

I think my acid reflux is connected to my MS… as Tina says… but impossible to get a neuro to agree (though I don’t suppose it matters what’s causing it).

Has the GP given you anything for acid reflux?

Sorry, more questions than advice… but seems to me the GP should be checking it out properly.

Pat x

Hi, I was dx`d with acid reflux last year, when the pains I was having seemed like angina to me! So I was relieved with the dx.

I am on 15mg lansoprazole and it works well.

luv Pollx

Hi Helen,

I have had a wierd throat feeling for over 2 years now-like my throat feels really tight and there is a lump in it.I went to GP who referred me to ENT. After using a scope to look into my throat said It was acid reflux. I don’t have any other symptoms such as heartburn either. She said this lump feeling was a classic symptom of acid reflux. However despite being on PPIs(omeprazole and now lansopraxole) I feel they are not really helping and my throat still feels wierd. I have told MS nurse and neuro but they dismissed it as being MS related- however I think personally it is MS and the tightness is like a spasm. Who knows? I just know that it is so annoying.

Hope you get some answers soon


I too have acid reflux. It wakes me up in the middle of the night choking (not fun I can assure you). I take Omeprazole and Peptac for it, works about 75% of the time. Was given advice by speech and language therapist: no eating 3 hrs before bedtime and sit up straight after eating to let the food clear the esophagus.

I too had heartburn but I think the Gabapentin was the culprit as it is well known for causing it.

The Omeprazole did the trick with that.

I was also told after a very bad period with my asthma that the heartburn was setting it off.