Two AM and awake with indigestion

I love this MS malarkey there I was nice light supper quiche and salads and few hours later been asleep an hour indigestion wakes me up. I can’t get out of bed unaided so wakes the wife. She sleeps in other bedroom and ain’t too pleased, gets me some gavescon tablets now the indigestion has gone and so has sleep. I know I could have indigestion and reflux even without the MS but at two fifteen am I am blaming it and you won’t change my mind bloody MS.

She I should be

Hi Hoppity, I suffered terribly with acid indigestion… even a glass of water would give me acid… made my life miserable. Then the doctor put me on Lansoprazole. It’s like magic! I take one capsule in the morning and then have to wait half an hour before I can eat or drink anything… but that’s a small price to pay… in over a year I have had a glug of gavescon maybe twice (I was going through a bottle a week!). I know I will be on it for the rest of my life and I don’t care. I can eat anything now without acid. Fantastic! I remember there was a long post on EL a couple of years ago about acid reflux and MS… and really in the end I think it was obvious that MS can cause it. Loads of MSers suffer with it… yet another symptom that most neuro’s won’t recognise… but I do remember someone saying that their neuro said MS causes it. Anyway hon… get yourself to the GP and get Lansoprazole!!! No more 2.15 stints for acid for you! Pat xx

Hello, reflux is the bitter icing on the MS cake! Good food is one of the high points of life but we suffer for it. Prescribed medicine is the best way I suppose but I’m holding out because I’m already on a myriad of pills. Hope easter is being kind to you. Best wishes, Steve.

Hi, I also take lansoprazole every morning…for acid reflux

Do you take tablets at night? I do and somtimes these cause indegestion, if I dont sit up fully to take them.

I also have had gaviscon, but just a few times.


What is acid reflux? no don’t tell me I can guess.