Blaming MS for every niggle?

Do you find you and others do this?

Slightest twinge or feeling unwell for any reason, and good ole MS is the reason for it?

Worries me that it can mask any underlying and unrelated illness’s sometimes.

Hi Have a look at my thread …“warning…do not link all symptoms to MS” Xx


I have just got over a nasty tummy bug, that people close to me thought was ms.

This is why i hate invisible symptoms, so hard to tell if its ms or not


Sorry. Didn’t realise this had already been discussed.

I’ll hunt your thread down.


I get many more “tummy bugs” than I used to. It’s gone from about one in twenty years, to a couple each year. So I don’t think they’re real tummy bugs, but ARE the MS - either that, or intolerance of some of the meds I’m on for it. I don’t believe I can suddenly have started catching every bug going, after being fine for years. So it can work the other way, too, that you can interpret as “bugs”, something that’s to do with the MS. Tina