is this a bug or MS

I had a stomach bug & feel like i have been hit by a bus, aching muscles, shivering etc. Im wondering is this the bug or is it the dreaded MS.

I have the same mines a bug thats making my ms bad, i had a high temp yesterday and could hardly stand,really severe stomache cramps,like labour pains lol.

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OMG that is exactly what its like & im trying to do an 8 hour day also as im not being physically sick & dont like taking the p*** at work, hopefully i wont be as bad tomorrow & then I can spend the weekend in bed. Still waiting to be assigned an ms nurse as both are on leave at the minute as i wanted to ask about pain relief as well as getting started on the dreaded treatment.

Thanks for your reply

I had a bug over Christmas - just a cough and cold, not a stomach thing - and it made my MS symptoms worse. It was horrible and I have lots of sympathy for you two … but I think it is common for your symptoms to get worse if you have a bug. If you read the definition of a relapse on this site, it is new symptoms appearing or a worsening of old ones, in the absence of an infection.

i have had more bugs this last year, i was semi conscious all xmas day due to a nasty throat infection that i am still getting over,

and now this ,i never used to catch anything much,hardly ever got a cold, and now i am never well,its just one bug after another.