Coping with tummy bugs on top of everything

I’ve just had a tummy bug. Started five days ago, didn’t sleep the first night as it was a total double-ended evacuation situation, if you get my drift. Of course, not being able to keep things down meant I was also suddenly off my medication (betahistine for dizziness). I spoke to a GP over the phone and since I have an appointment soon anyway, was told that since I’m unsure if they are working anyway, its OK to stay off them for now. I’m taking a lot longer to get over this than usual. I’m still weak though my appetite is back, very dizzy but is that just from lack of food and sleep? My brother (who looked after me as hubby had to work) and daughter both came down with it too. I wondered, how do people cope with an event like this? My current possible ms symptoms seem very mild compared to some but after this I’m knocked out. Littl’un will be fine for school tomorrow but I have to take her and then see to a client for three hours. Hope I can manage that. I can rest until pick up time. But today is Sunday and I plan on resting as much as possible. Any tips for coping with illness alongside (possible) ms?

You hit the nail on the head there. Lots and lots of rest. Not easy with a littl’un around I know.

Hope you feel better soon.

Shazzie xx

I dont get a lot of help, my parents live 25 miles away and everyone works so it’s just me and my 3 boys.

I used to keep them off school if i was ill and didn’t feel i could make the journey however anyone who has kids knows if your not up to it, they’re gonna make sure they enjoy themselves lol. I have made a good net work of friends who go to the same school so now rather than keep them off I’ll try and get one of my friends to take them to school and I wont even attempt to get dressed. Worst case senario I have to take them cause I’d rather have 6 hours rest kid free (even if it takes me 45 mins to do a 10 min walk) than have to worry about taking care of them too. I’ve signed a letter from the school to which means if I’m really stuck a member of staff will collect and drop off (mainly cause the heads sister has MS and she understands).

My hubby will quite often make me a packed lunch before he goes to work, so I dont have to move to far, he’s even made me flasks of coffee (he’s a good un’). When its bad, he wants to stay at home but I wont let him my stubborness is quite often my downfall.

If there’s chores to be done tough, they’ll still be there tomorrow no point worrying about it. I’m just glad I dont work although at some point I’m going to have to, then I’m not sure what will happen.

Jo xxx

Big hugs missus All I can say is from watching my dad with MS is to listen to your body (something I’m trying to do more recently). When it says stop listen and don’t wait till it has to say STOOOOOP!! My dad plods on through illness with his MS but takes life in short little baby steps, breaking off at the first sign of struggling Hope the tummy gets better for you soon Mick

Thanks Shazzie, Jo and Mick. Well, I’ve made it through Monday and aside from extra helpings of dizziness and fatigue (and wind!) I’m feeling better than I was. Jo - I’ve only got one kiddy to get ready, to and from school so you have my admiration there! Yes, get more help from your hubby. Mine is a careworker and though I begged him, couldn’t take the day off. So my brother helped me and ended up catching it too :frowning: It’s good that the school are understanding. I’m sure I’d ask if ever I needed help, too. I did overdo things a bit helping my brother out whilst hubby dealt with poorly littl’un so now I am taking it easy. It can be hard for me to relax sometimes without thinking of myself as ‘lazy’, but that is one of my life lessons :wink: