Does anyone take amitriptyline?

Hello everyone.

Thanks so much for your comments on steroids last week. Pleased to say I’m starting to feel more like myself, but unfortunately the steroids haven’t done much for the relapse. Ah well, I tried!

A couple of weeks ago my doc took me off duloxetine and put me on amitriptyline. Wondered if anyone had any good or bad experiences with amitriptyline. Supposed to be a good antidepressant and for nerve related pain. The one thing I have noticed is that I’m sleeping loads better, even past my alarm! That hasn’t happened for a good 6 years! On the down side my tremors in legs are worse and it almost feels like I have a live current going through my legs (if that makes sense!)

It’d be good to hear anyones experiences.


Kas x

Hi Kas,

Yes, I take amitriptyline and have done for years. I get the live current feeling you describe all over my body but especially bad up my legs when I’ve been walking, or hobbling in my case… Other ways I describe it is pins and needles in waves.

I find that amitriptyline helps me go to sleep - often before I have finished a chapter on my kindle.

I also take tizanidine at night to try and relax my muscles and magnesium to stop cramp in my feet…

Go to sleep rattling, but at least I sleep!

Hope it continues to help.

Jen x

Ive been on Amitriptyline for the past 14yrs and its always been great - helps me sleep, relaxes the muscles that agitate me and Ive had no side effects. However, my Neurologist thought he’d try me on Duloxetine. BIGGEST mistake I ever made taking that (see my post on Duloxetine, Tysabri and a Relapse). So Im back on Amitriptyline thankfully - honestly, its been the best drug I ever took. It shouldnt cause leg tremors as its supposed to help with that (which in my case it does). I had leg tremors a while back and eventually ended up at my gps as they were horrible - turns out my Vit B12 levels were very low and that was the cause. Once I started my strong vitamin supplement they disappeared. Hope this is of any use to you. Steff X

Hi jen

Unfortunately I’m in my wheelchair most of the time now. I can walk a wee bit with my walker, but thats it.

I tried tizanidine, but was allergic to it. Shame as the spasms in my legs and back are torture at night. I take 70mg of baclofen, but doesnt seem to work at night! Why is everything worse at night, ha ha! At least the amitriptyline helps me sleep through the pain a bit. Magnesium is new to me for cramps. Do you just buy this in the chemist or does it need to be prescribed?


Kas x

Hi Steff

Thats interesting about vit B12. Maybe I should get that checked. I was fine on duloxetine, but coming off it was a nightmare.

I’m hopeful that amitriptyline is going to work for me. I’m nearly up to 50mg. Need to take it slowly as I have bad allergy reactions. Thanks for info.

kas x

Kas. I use magnesium spray from Holland & Barratt on my legs. Works for me.

Great! I will be sending hubby off to Holland and Barratt in the morning!x

Been on amitriptyline for 18+ years and love it. I take 75mg at night for nerve pain and it does a great job!

Initially it made me sleep 12 hours a night, but doesn’t work like that now.


I take about 75-100 mg of Amitriptyline, and it does what I want it to, in terms of control the pins ‘n’ needlsy feelings and painful feet. Especially when they get hot. The trick is to take it early in the evening so any side effects have worn off by the morning. I also take about 70mg of Baclofen through the day for spasms, especially in my legs. And in the last year or so, I’ve taken Cloneazepam for shakiness / tremors. Again, mostly late in the evening as it can be sedating. I take 2mg per day. All of these are spread through the day, loading more in the evenings. I still have times when sleeping is hard so have Zopiclone for those times.

I think it’s all about trial and error with drugs, what works for one person might lead to horrible side effects in the next. And just like everything else related to MS, our symptoms are different, so the drug effectiveness depends on our individual metabolism, symptoms and everything else we take / eat / drink.


Hi Sue

I will ask my MS nurse about Cloneazepam. The tremors in my legs are getting out of control! Your right about what works for one person, may not work for the next. I am a great example of that. My nickname from my gp is Little Miss Allergic!

Kas x

I take amytripyline , it made me tired when I first started but that passed. I use it to “turn down” the buzzing in my legs …if it makes you over sleep take it a bit earlier inthe evening …


i started amitriptyline when i was diagnosed in 2008.

lovely help in getting off to sleep.

it’s added bonus is that it helps with anxiety which i never had a problem with until the b… PIP form!

carole x