A quick question about amitriptyline

Hello everyone.

Thanks so much for your comments on steroids last week. Pleased to say I’m starting to feel more like myself, but unfortunately the steroids haven’t done much for the relapse. Ah well, I tried!

A couple of weeks ago my doc took me off duloxetine and put me on amitriptyline. Wondered if anyone had any good or bad experiences with amitriptyline. Supposed to be a good antidepressant and for nerve related pain. The one thing I have noticed is that I’m sleeping loads better, even past my alarm! That hasn’t happened for a good 6 years! On the down side my tremors in legs are worse and it almost feels like I have a live current going through my legs (if that makes sense!)

It’d be good to hear anyones experiences.



i doubt the low doses taken for nerve pain would help as an anti d however…

i have taken 10-50mg as needed over the past 13 years. i only use it short term after a relapse. currently take 10 twice a day reducing to daily soon.

best taken early evening-5/6/7pm to lessen the dry mouth in the a.m

summed up-i find it effective.


I agree with Ellie, the amounts of Amitriptyline taken for nerve pain (anything up to about 50mg per day) wouldn’t do anything for depression. I take 30mg per day, all in the evening, by about 8pm because any later and you can get a ‘hangover’ type effect.

Amitriptyline won’t do anything for a tremor. Or for electric shock type pains through the day. You’d need a neuropathic pain killer like Gabapentin or Pregabalin maybe, or even a drug to stop spasms and spasticity like Baclofen. Ask your neurologist or your MS nurse (if you don’t have an appointment due with the neuro) what they’d recommend. If the MS nurse thinks a drug will help, you can usually get your GP to prescribe it.


Hi I take 25-35mg per night now. Used it daily for 5 years Agree with the suggestion to take it early evening. Bizarrely when I first took it I had two random episodes of suicidal urges. Once on a train platform & once on a balcony. Since I developed MS 2012 I’ve never been depressed or even vaguely suicidal but it’s a reported side effect, bizarre for a drug that was originally an anti depressant. It helps me significantly at night. I have the MS hug permanently in the left side of my chest. So take it but please ignore any random and thankfully rare urges to self harm. Good luck Adam