Does anyone else have different coloured arms?

Has anyone noticed that their arms are slightly different colour? My left arm is more of a pinky colour than my right, and orange/y spots? My daughter who’s an OT has mentioned it could oedema, and was wondering if anyone else had experienced this or could give me some information?

Hello Jo,is it your right arm not moving and your left arm you usually move? Well I think the blood is not circulating regularly, you must need to massage sometimes, or else move it ups and down.

i have different coloured feet.

the right is pink and the left is purple.

at least they don’t clash.

i think i have oedema because they are a bit puffy.

will see my gp later this week.


i have obvious colour differences in both upper and lower limbs on the right. confirmed circulation probs via doppler scan.

keeping them warm and moving as mentioned helps but if the messages are damaged, as in my case, then theres not much else i can do.

diurectic may help but then that brings different issues-see gp for advice i suggest.


yes i will see gp but promised to take my 81 year old friend shopping.

i no longer drive and go by taxi but the old sweetheart hasn’t got the courage to go alone.

call it paying it forward because that could be me.

so gp tomorrow.

they will go through my bad habits, how many units do you drink etc.

you can’t even contemplate my gin habit!

For some reason, many men don’t understand that Doctors automatically double (at least) whatever you say you drink. So my OH not long ago was completely honest and as a result it was suggested he see someone from the ‘Alcohol Dependency Clinic’. Silly man.

Good luck with the GP tomorrow.


Hi jo i have one purple hand one normal my feet change from white red and purple i have reynards it could be that