My arm is cold!!

Hi, does anyone else get this?

I think its abit cold and my arm feels the most cold of all the rest of body is okay but my right arm which sometimes gets stiff ( mild spasicty?) feel sooo cold.

Does anyone else have a cold limb? And how do you deal with it?

Yes, I have a cold right foot/lower leg - I saw my GP about it - I’d recommend checking with your doctor or MS nurse too. A doppler test is what I asked about (they rule out thrombosis from that test), he checked my pulses in foot and ankle and they’re fine - based on the fact it took me a couple of months to get it looked at, he said it appeared to be nerve damage but was happy to send me for test if I wanted it.

I make sure to ‘touch test’ - and put socks on whether I noticed it was getting cold or not

That really is it, I wouldn’t dip my toes of my right foot in the water to test the temperature! I wear pj’s at night, the one time I tried to sleep bare legged, it took me quite a while to ignore it

The other odd thing is that it’s my right leg, that’ll feel like it’s burning as soon as it gets to a normal warmish temp.

Sonia x

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I meant to say, it took me a while to get to the doctor, as I really thought I was imagining it - Ididn’t book til my husband had checked it on a couple of occasions, to be sure

Sonia x

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Hi Cosine,

Are you sure it’s cold, and not numb/reduced sensation?

i.e. if you touch it with the good hand, or somebody else touches it, does it feel a normal temperature?

The brain tries to make the best sense it can of the information it’s given. As it does not expect your arm to be numb for no reason, and it knows cold can cause numbness, it may reason: “Aha, the arm must be cold!”

It’s very hard to counter this powerful illusion, because the brain thinks: “I must be cold” is a much more sensible explanation than: “I’ve randomly lost sensation in bits of me” - and, in healthy people, it would be right!

Some people find wearing tight clothing on the affected limb makes it feel more normal, because it gives the brain a reason sensation is altered (something tight is on it), rather than having to assume it must be cold.

The brain is both incredibly clever, yet incredibly easy to deceive, in some ways. If you can give it a perfectly good reason why it’s feeling what it’s feeling, e.g: “There’s a tight thing on my arm”, it will be much less concerned about it, because what it’s feeling makes sense in the light of known information.


I get it too on my right side (arm and leg). As well as it getting cold, the skin changes colour to a purplish red!! Does anybody else have this?

Yes, I get it with the right hand too but I didn’t want to overcomplicate things! The cold foot goes very red, it’s a good reminder It is very strange as it’s such an obvious difference and yet you don’t feel cold obviously.

Sonia x

For me, it’s my left hand that feels a bit numb/skin too tight but my right foot/hand (and possibly part of my gums) that’s cold. Great how MS does that

Sonia x

Often my legs feel wet or cold but when I touch them they are normal, very strange

OMG my left body is numb and right hand is cold lol!

MS is funny! Honestly ive been getting so many new strange symptoms these past two months and I havent even got a diagnosis yet. But after a 2 month wait ! seeing the neurologist in two weeks. Boy have I got stuff to tell him!

My cold arm also feels tight and sometimes it gets to the point that i cant write.

Thank you for your informative reply that is very interesting!.

My brain is ok with left arm being numb but not right, now that you mention it i think there reduced sensation on the right.

The numbness on the left seems much less now!

My knees used to be cold when my relapse first started. Now they are hot & quietly fizzing away & when I get up and move around a bit I get a rush of sensations like a wave washing over me! I started on 10mg amtryptaline a day last week & have now upped the dose (docs recommendation) to 20mg each day. Hope your feelings improve soon x Sallum

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Thank you for your replies everyone, it is really reassuring when others describe similar problems.

I’ve had all kinds of weird sensations :tightness , buzzing , burning , stabbing . When I sneeze my body buzzes v odd.

the best way i can describe ms symptoms is that hippies used to buy drugs to give them similar weirdness.

so just say that you’re tripping man!