My "cold" arm is actually cold compared to the other one

Is it still and MS thing if my hand/arm gets stiff and achy and feels cold. and is actually cold compared to the other one

its also numbish and fingers get abit tingly.

It cant be a blood clot can it if it comes and goes?

I doubt it’s a blood clot, but it could be reduced circulation due to impaired mobility (using the arm less). See Shazzie’s recent post about the bluish ankles. Similar thing?

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Hi, I have the problems with one of arm just think it is the MS.

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My P suggested nerve damage was the culprit

Sonia x

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Ok thanks all, no blood clots then!

Check with your doctor and they can get a doppler test if there’s any worries

Sonia x

My right leg is sometimes colder than my left - to touch, as well as feeling cold. If I can do exercise regularly, it helps but I still have this symptom. I’ve been having it intermittently for at least three months so I’m sure it’s not a blood clot.

My knees are cold very cold to touch just the knees ankle warm thigh warm . Think it’s lack of mobility I am in wheelchair all day. If I get stressed my body temperature goes up but not my knees.