DoctorGeoff is back.

So I typed the story of the last month, clicked in the preview to try and edit a typo - and lost the lot.

DrG has been in hospital with pneumonia.
Nice ride - blue lights, but no two-tone horn.
How serious? “If something happens, do you want to be resuscitated?”
Me - “Yes”
Medic - “Why” (Stupid question)

I should have caught on then.
When the guy from intensive care is discussing whether or no to put me on a ventilator, I am starting to get the idea that my condition is serious. Oral anti-biotics, IV anti-biotics, needles and cannulas everywhere.
After ten days I am starting to wake up.

The last two weeks I have been in a wonderful small specialist hospital that just happened to have a bed.
The appetite returns.
I get a brilliant physio and an OT who are determined to get me walking and get me home.
Dr G, and two zimmer frames got home yesterday.

DoctorGeoff is back.

Soy you’ve had such a horrible time Geoff, but very glad to have you back!

Goodness Geoff, how frightening… Welcome back and hope you’re well and truly on the mend.


We wondered where you were, we were getting worried about you. Glad you are on the mend. Blossom on hols, will be back tomorrow. Take care. Cherry (#2) x

You know I’ve been worried about you Geoff. Along with many others of our friends.

Glad you got taken care of and that you are on the mend. So frightening Geoff.

I am so pleased to have you back.

Make sure you take good care of yourself.

Shazzie xx

Crumbs. So sorry that you’ve been in the wars, Geoff. Welcome back.


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Not a nice few weeks for you, welcome back

Jan x

With all things considered… a wonderful story and beautifully told.

Sorry to hear this Dr Geoff! Glad you’re back and safely home!°

welcome back-how scary for you- keep well

Oh, I’m glad to see you, but so sorry about how you’ve been. :frowning:

I had been wondering, but hoping it was something altogether nicer, like a holiday.

What a damn cheek to ask WHY you want resuscitating! But I’m sure you’re not the first person here to have been asked - not if, but why, I mean. As if you should have to justify yourself - especially at a time like that! I hope whether you make a comprehensive enough business case isn’t a factor in decision making.



So glad to hear you’re back Geoff but sorry you’ve been in the wars

Sonia x

Oh Geoff, I’ve been wondering what you were up to. Not even a hint of arguing with yourself at thisisms!

Damn MS.

I’m so pleased to read that you are recovering and that your treatment has been excellent. KBO as apparently Churchill said…

very good to have you back. You have been missed


sorry to hear you have been ill,hope you recover soon.

J x

Crikey! You’ve really been through it! Great to see you’re on the mend now & good to see you online again

Rosina x

Nice to see you back DoctorGeoff. But don’t you think MS is enough to cope with without adding more stuff???

Take care hun

JBK xx

Great to hear you are on the better side of your pneumonia now.


Aww Geoff.

I knew when you suddenly went off the forum, that something was wrong. I kept thinking about you and had a feeling you weren’t well.

Pneumonia Geoff. You certainly do know how to pick a good illness. From what you describe, you were in a serious way and that is putting it mildly.

All the best to you Geoff. Take it slowly, won’t you and enjoy some pampering.

Lovely to see you back

Noreen xx

Hope you’re feeling better now. Sounds really nasty. Take care - and keep on posting.

glad to see you back geoff,

carole x