Do you get more grumpy during flareups???

Hi all,

I'm just curious - when you go through a flare up, do you feel more grumpy or irritable?  I have not yet been diagnosed, but I do suspect that I went through some sort of flare up a while back.  And whilst it could be all in my imaginiation, I noticed that I was MUCH less tolerant to everything during the time.  Even the slightest things would annoy me. 

If the kids were talking to me while I was trying to do something else, I would get almost panicky about not being able to concentrate and often found myself snapping at them.  Everything seemed more 'urgent', if that makes sense. 

Example: I'm busy working on an assignment (I'm a part time student) and my daughter is trying to talk to me at the same time.  Normally I'd say "I'm working on an assignment. You'll have to wait until I'm finished".  But instead I got snappy with her and felt quite panicky... I URGENTLY needed her to step away from me, but she wasn't actually doing anything wrong. 

It's like everything is more irritating and heightened when I'm having a bad day/week. Is it just me, or is this something that most other people experience, too?

Hallo Heather,

I don't think this is necessarily a symptom, per se.

Doesn't everyone get more grumpy when they're feeling tired and ill?

In that respect, at least, MS is no different to any other illness.  Of course you're not going to be at your saintly and sparkling best, when you're having an attack of some damn illness.

Don't worry, it's normal!


Hello Heather

Everything you say rings true with me.  I am exactly the same.

You have explained it perfectly.

I can get very snappy and the worse i feel the worse i bite! lol!!

It is a feeling that your emotions are running away from you and you have no control of them.

I thought it was just me - so thanks for that.

Teresa. x

I’m grumpy all the time so no one will notice the difference

I can certainly relate to the grumpy feeling but I guess if you're in pasin or uncomfy you can't help being short. I try and breath and count to 10 when I'm like this but it's very hard. Reemz.X

I'm not diagnosed with MS. One definite episode of Optical Neuritis but no second separate definite episode.

But when I'm having MS type symptoms I do get more grumpy. It's  not necessarily MS but when things don't work out as easy as before, it's natural to be grumpy. Not a diagnostic symptom but almost inevitable.


Hi Heather, when I get grumpy it's usually a sign that I've pushed myself too far as I'm generally quite a calm person. I even feel like snapping at friends,which is not like me at all.  scared2I find the best thing for me is to get some space on my own so I can't snap at anyone but it's easier for me as my boys are older so I just lurk in my room until I'm feeling a bit more centered. It is hard as I don't think people can understand how poo you're feeling on the inside when you look ok on the outside so big (((hugs))) to you.

I understand the panicky feeling you have when you are trying to concentrate and someone is distracting you.  I have this if I'm trying to type and someone is talking to me. I have to stop typing and switch my attention to them fully and then I'm ok. I also get it if I'm driving and someone is talking to me and can only have the radio on in the car if I'm on my own.  I think it's some kind of input overload, I can only concentrate on one thing at a time, so you are not alone.

Mags xx

Input overload! That's exactly what I was trying to explain... Thank you, Mags. 

Although I'm normally a person that takes things in stride, it's like I can't cope with things the way I used to.  I'm easily irritated, despite not wanting to be.  I heard that Vitamin B helps with stress feelings.  Maybe I'll try it.

Hi Heather, vitamin B complex is supposed to be very good (especially for pmt - I find my symptoms and grumpiness are always worse when I'm premenstrual).

Hope you feel better soon. thumbsup

Mags xx


I've done it -- I bought some vitamin B complex.  They taste and smell like moldy undies (not that I've ever eaten moldy undies... maybe a bad analogy! haha).  But I'll give it a few weeks and see if there is an improvement.  My dietician wasn't keen on me taking supplements, as some of them contain hidden things that can flare up IBS .... so I guess it's just a watch and see thing. 

It reminds me of the saying that goes "I have to take panadol for the headaches caused by the anti-anxiety meds for the panic that's caused by the spironolonamate that I take for the bowel condition that's caused by the..... etc etc etc"  Haha.


They taste and smell like moldy undies (not that I’ve ever eaten moldy undies… maybe a bad analogy! haha). [/quote]

Waaa Haaaaaaa Haaaaaaa! xx