Do you ever feel like exploding ?

Hi all. After a lot of small issues regarding my illness (working DX of MS) work not allowing me back ( no job as yet for me), being restricted to indoors the vast majority of time since April 11 (this is when I took ill). I feel like am about to explode, everything is starting to do my head in, my appointments, my work, my family, every single little thing is starting to add to my ever grown pressure pot. Today the chemist got my prescription wrong, more hassle from my work, arguing with wife, I feel like am about to explode, :cry: I have went from being a fit and health man virtually overnight to someone who can not walk without aid, sometimes need a wheelchair, stuck in a lot of the time, not working, the systems taking it’s time blah blah blah etc; Anyone else get this way ?

YES!! You are not alone, and it is perfectly natural to feel frustrated like this, you’re dealing with a lot. Try not to look at your life as a whole, that can be quite overwhelming, but maybe try to break it down into chunks that are easier to cope with. This is a very frustrating disease, and I think that only people with MS or something similar really understand the frustration. Try not to alienate your family/friends by taking your frustration out on them, that’s not fair, and you’ll need their help with some things (easier said than done, I know). Good luck Luisa

Feel like this on a regular basis,even after having had ms many years,thats whats so hard about having ms,you never know from one day to another what you are going to be like on a daily basis,you have to expect the unexpected, and its not easy at all. :cry:

I went through something very similar last year. I found changing my diet helped me to take the build up of pressure in my head. I cut out dairy and fatty foods and felt a lot better. Good luck.

Hi Stephen-G, You have to put things on hold and take one step at a time. You have had a hard six months,and it will take you time to get your head around things,also it is hard for your wife. Do you have axcess to a MS nurse as they can be a lifeline,are you on any medication, as a lot of your problems can be helped. You are not alone in you feelings as i think most people with MS have been there. Hope you feel a little better soon as a lot of people on this site will give you good advice. Take Care. Chris. Ps at least i spelt you name right

Hi Stephen, YES indeed!!! The problem (or one of the countless problems) with MS is that we get a double whammy… get angry and frustrated because of all the challenges (polite way of saying sh*t) that we have to deal with, but also MS itself has an emotional impact. The lesions affect our central nervous system so not only physical and cognitive problems, but emotional kibosh as well. If you keep this in mind it does actually help. When you feel that explosive anger at least you know WHY you’re feeling like that. One of the best things you can do for your MS is try to learn to turn the stress volume down. It takes time so don’t expect to get it in a day… but try to spend time doing things that chill you out… music, movies, reading, hobbies that you can manage … and try to get a ‘live for today’ attitude. ‘Water off a ducks back’ attitude to the stuff that doesn’t matter helps a lot. I can almost hear you groaning as this is more ‘well meant’ advice :x and I’ve also had it up to here, believe me. But keep it in mind and when you’re feeling a bit laid back, think about things that you like doing that chill you out. Give it time… Pat x

Thanks for the replies very much appreciated I am new to this never felt like this before since this has happened in April so like you’s say “getting used to it” is the key. I suppose sooner or later it had to hit and affect me in someway or another, I have just been shrugging things off and thinking “I can cope with this easy”, so I have to stop under estimating the power this illness has. I have took something from all your replies and I will try and use them, once again thank you.

Yeah I feel like this too. The smallest thing makes me start to mutter and swear to myself, sometimes I have even got into heated arguments with people. I think its because I have MS and I’m now more aware of my surrounding because I’m always looking around for hazards etc. Its fine if you are fit and healthy and something is in your way, you just move to one side and carry on walking etc. But now I have a dodgy leg I have a turning circle of a super tanker so things are a bit harder to do…just wish people were a bit more considerate.

Hi Stephen, Yes, as with the other replies, you’re definatly not alone on this one. Frustration is a biggie, and Im learning with MS it can become a vicious circle. I agree with trying to find things that de-stress and that you enjoy, and trying to maintain a positive attitude, i know its hard sometimes. Take care x

PS - Ive only been diagnosed a few months too, and I think its hit me more now than when I was first diagnosed. It is a big thing to try and get your head around, but although it might not feel like it, theres still a lot of life left to enjoy, you might just have to do it slightly differently than you did before

Oh yes. And it got so bad I did on Monday last week. I totally lost it at a woman who parked her van so close to my car I couldn’t get in. I could have go into the passenger side, but I can’t clamber over the gear stick these days. She sarkly said she had to park where she did - there were loads of other places to park, for a change - because her van is so big she can’t get into the other parking spots. I lost it, screamed and shouted at her and hit her with my stick. Not very hard, but I did swing it and apparently made contact with her bag which was over her shoulder. I am now ‘known to the police’ for ‘common assault’. I’d never been reported to the police about anything before. I wasn’t arrested, but I will be if something like that ever happens again. If anyone is feeling that the pressure is going to make their head explode please see your GP for help. I saw my GP and my anti-deperssant dose has been upped, and she’s referred me for counseling again. I’m still totally exhausted, my eye is really hurting and I am having trouble seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. But I feel better for having talked to my GP.

YES I so often feel like exploding, I have so much frustration just simmering away all the time. Like you, I used to be such a capable person, I could turn my hand to virtually anything with complete confidence and people would turn to me when the chips were down. I was a fit healthy & capable young man not so long ago. Now I’m a weak washed out shell of who I used to be. I’ve been keeping a lid on things for a few years now, I hope I don’t explode cos god help me if I do. Bill.

Hi folk. I decided to go out today and do my photography (used to do it alot prior to April) I went to a local bird watching sanctuary and spent 4 hours sitting relaxing in the peace and quiet taking pictures of the wildlife. I do slighty feel a bit better for this, for them 4 hrs It was like being in a different planet I never thought of my health issues in fact I only thought of getting a good picture, I really enjoyed this, am not saying “that cured me today” but it did help to chil out. I am planning on joining the local photography club they meet once a week and have competions against other clubs, so each week I will have to get out more and take pictures to be able to compete, so this will urge me to get out more. I will speak to my GP and get my Anti deprssants dosage upped, hopefully the combination of med & photography club should help me not get so wound up in the future. Thanks again Stephen.

Morning, I’m so glad you have posted this, as at the moment I seem to be like this most of the time, any little thing, when people ask how I am and I say fine, because lets face it what else can we say without sounding like a broken record, some of them reply, oh you’re better now, my god at that point I could explode, I was DX 2007, things are just getting worse, I don’t go out as much as I would like, and I know the bad weather is just around the corner, anyway sorry about the rant, but as you can see from my reply you are most definatley not on you’re own, people without MS just can’t understand how we feel, thank god for this sight, you take good care, and try to enjoy you’re day, Jean