Do patterns make you dizzy


Ive noticed over the last few months I get really dizzy and feel really sick when I am walking on patterned flooring ie marble effect or striped lines. At first I thought it was the floor surface being really smooth itself I was having the problem with but my G.P said it more likely to be the pattern that my brain is finding hard to process.

Do any of you have this problem? And if so how do you manage going places? I’m trying to avoid places with patterned flooring but it seems to be everywhere.


Polly x

hi polly

i havent had a problem with patterned floors but i had a bad reaction to the sparkly floor at the trafford centre.

this was before my diagnosis and wasnt made any better by having my 11 yr old and 12 yr old sons with me!

never going back there ever again!!!

carole x

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Hi Polly,

Your GP is almost certainly right.
There is a complex network of cells in each of your eyes that do things like pick up the shapes that we call letters.
if one part is fighting another (or one eye fighting the other) then the pattern can be disturbing.
Actually, this is not too far removed from what makes us see optical illusions - some can, some can’t.

If you are on a floor that is tiled like a chequerboard, or similar, look along the line you are standing in, right to the far end, and walk toward that end. This can give your eyes something else to concentrate on, and break up the disturbing stimuli.



thanks Carole and Geoff for replies. I will try that Geoff as I really don’t want to be avoiding every place with a patterned floor. My walking isn’t great as it is and I am getting more anxious whilst walking on certain flooring as I feel really off balance. So the next time I’m out I’ll give your advice ago.

Polly x

I have a huge problem with all patterned block paving, which they are very fond of in town, so I never go there now it makes me feel ill,not just dizzy,also the offset striped carpet in the bank, which all the staff were having trouble with and had complained about. I use a w/c and it is just as bad. there have always been places I just will not go into because of the decor and racket of machines bleeping, tannoy anouncements the music and people having to shout over it and the stifling heat…don’t get me wrong, I’ve worked in shops with annoying tapes on a loop…suppose it’s a bit more advanced now, but still as irritating!