Dizzy legs!

Hi all, I’m still enjoying and benifiting from the forum. I was just wondering Has anybody had this experience. I had reason yesterday to walk over a plank of wood that was the only path to the house I was going to ( having an extension so work in progress. Anyway you know when you go in a lift or over suspension bridge you head goes a little funny for a bit. Well it was that affect, …but on my legs, “Dizzy legs” it was so odd we were laughing, I really struggled walking for a while. Is this odd to me! I don’t post often because I don’t know what I’ve got and feel a little fraud coming on this site but I’m still struggling, getting slowly worse really. but I find all on the forum so helpful.

I am sure others will back me up when I say you are welcome on this forum and glad it is helpful to you.

Totally understand your dizzy legs…I get it.

Sure hope you do not have ms but if you ( even if you dont ) this is a great forum.


I too know what you mean about the dizzy legs…I couldn’t walk the plank for anyone:-) I can’t walk a straight line on the pavement. Please!! You must come on here whenever you like for support. X

Thank you Ell and Blossom appreciate that. I know everyone are friendly and kind X

I get that feeling when I walk on uneven ground, seems to kick off the vertigo :s and lifts? Corr, I stagger out of lifts as they really make me wobbly :slight_smile: