Walking on uneven surfaces

An issue with left leg giving way has gradually diminished since September, to the point that it is almost forgotten about when walking. However, I diverted off a trackway through some woods the other day and to my surprise soon found myself struggling to keep pace with my companion; my balance was lurching all over the place and my calves began to ache. I think it must have been due to the uneveness and softness of the woodland surface. Does anybody else find uneven surfaces a much greater challenge?


I wouldn’t say I find them easy but I use a stick now but watch every step I take. I have fallen over so many times (before using a stick) so I don’t take any path for granted.


Hi Yes i do find walking on uneven ground more difficult, the path to my sons school is uneven so i need to walk on the opposite side until i am level with the gates. I also keep my focus on the ground when i am walking alone, if i am with my husband its not too bad because i hold on to him.

I find walking over uneven ground a treacherous adventure. My feet don’t seem able to ‘sense’ the ups and downs and unless I’m very careful and use a stick I tend to go flying! Last effort shattered my clavicle so I’m much more careful these days.