Afternoon all, I wondered if I could ask a question of you all. Over the summer months, my walking was particularly bad. Certain factors made it worse, like the fatigue and heat, and it got to the point where I had to use a stick as I got easily tired and that had a direct effect on my walking. Recently, I have started to feel much better, maybe as a result of the weather going cool, and my walking has improved so much so, that I don’t even need the stick anymore. My leg does give way at the knee still, or feel like it’s a bit dead, but it’s a feeling that doesn’t last and not causing me the problems it did over the summer months. Can this be the case? One minute you can hardly walk and then a few weeks after walking like there is nothing wrong? Thanks Miss D :-*

Absolutely, yes. My walking and other symptoms are affected by heat and humidity and I generally feel better when the weather is cooler and can walk better too.

It could be you’re in remission but MS is so variable, enjoy the good times!


Thanks for replying val, it means a lot xx