Giddy when moving

Hi Well still waiting DX but into my 8 week of all kinds of symptons. , hopefully things seem to be Improving especially when I’m still but when I walk they seem to return , vision,balance and unsteadiness . Is this common place ? Hope your all well

I’ve only just been referred to neuro so no dx or idea what’s up with me but I’m very dizzy and unsteady when walking some days more than others. Judging steps etc is awful

If you think about children learning to walk, you can see that walking is actually very difficult - the brain needs to process a load more information versus sitting/standing still as well as process all the info needed to maintain unnatural two footed balance on uneven surfaces with moving obstacles around us, etc. We eventually learn to do it without thinking as we grow up, but neurological damage disrupts the info we need to do it well and makes it all very much harder again :frowning:

Which is a long way of saying, yes, it’s normal - for (some of) us anyway.

Karen x

Hi, i had my intial attack a year ago now and like you i suffered from dizzyness and blurred vision . Walking was a nightmare, i had to have someone to hold onto at all times. Over a period of time my blurred vision went and my dizzyness subsided with the help of Cooksey cawthorne exercises, these were highlighted to me back then by Karen (Rizzo). For me they have worked and my dizzyness is now at a level where i can cope with it. I continue with these exercises daily and will do for the the rest of my life. Sharon.xx