do neuros listen??

had appt with neuro today regarding new symptoms…he appeared to just ignore what i was saying and just changed 1 of the pills im on…was at least expecting an M R I appt as getting new symptoms in diff places…thinking of seeing about 2nd opinion…should i?..what a waste of time it was today!!!

hopefully just bringing this to the front again for more replies

my neuro seems to be good. But from past experiance (diffrent problem to MS) screeming and shouting have alot to anser for when it comes to GP’s the DWP and all the other unfit for purpose organisations we have to deel with on a day to day bassis.

Well, from my experiences with at least 12 different neuros over as many years, they may seem to be listening, but after youve left the clinic, it can sometimes seem like you dont exist anymore.

I`m not being over-dramatic in saying this…it is how I have been treated AND still am!

luv Pollx

I’ve had three neuro’s over thirteen years and now I’m on my fourth. I’ve found they listen to your relatives more than you. My husband has to take me as I can’t drive, but my Mum and my daughter have both been aswell.

I agree with what Poll has said and if you have more progressive symptoms and use a wheelchair they feel there isn’t a rush to get tests etc.

I went to the neuro today, was expecting to see the consultant for my first visit…I should have known by now that wasn’t going to happen :lol:
saw one of his registrars. and try as i might I couldn’t get her to accept anything beyond the fact that I have weakness in my legs and slightly in my arms. She totally disregarded my concerns for the breathlessness and tightness in my back which had me hospitalised a month ago, she disregarded my concerns over the severe fatigue I have ben having for several weeks (and is affecting my job)…
One good thing she has arranged a brain and upper spinal scan to investigate the weakness… so hopefully things may get sorted via that… possibly 4 to 6 weeks for MRI… she said she had ideas…what it was but wouldn’t commit herself…She did say my symptoms could not all be put in the one box… to which my husband says can’t you get a bigger box :lol: :lol: don’t you just love 'em!!

take care all
Sharon x

I don’t know if a patient is able to get a 2nd opinion ad hoc, but I’d make an appointment with your GP. Sometimes a double session with your GP can be of real benefit.
I am one of the lucky ones, my Neurologist is fantastic.
Whilst he is a Neuro, his speciality is multiple Sclerosis.

Haven’t read all the posts, so unsure if you have a diagnosis or not, but perhaps a MS specialist can put your mind at rest finally or assist you with further treatments.