Neuro appointment today

Ok, after feeling sick at the thought of a neuro who would think im some sort of weirdo who imagines all these weird symptoms, I was very pleasantly surprised. My appointment this time was with a different neuro, much more pleasant than the last one I saw. And definately easier to talk to! Anyway I gave him the rundown of the things that have been happening, and basically told him why I am concerned and why Im thinking along the lines of MS. He listened to me, asked me lots of questions, then did all the usual knock on your knees, follow his finger with you eyes kinda stuff. Then he started to explain what he thought was going on, he rubbished the theories about an immune sysytem overdrive or an infection that caused me to go completely deaf 3 years ago. He said that something happened in my brain and just because nothing showed up in the scans at the time doesnt mean that it didnt happen! He said that most of the weird stuff that been happening and your hearing are all controlled at the back of the brain and he thinks these recent symptoms are left over from what happened before, yes he thinks there may be a slight delay in my right eye which is causing perception problems, but seeing opthamologist next week. He is going to have a look at my scans which were done 4 years ago and if there is anything at all suspicious on them, he is going to call me back to have a new set of scans done. He said that losing my hearing could be classed as 1 episode, but unless something else major happened MS wudnt really be considered, but even if it was MS it would be classed as extremely mild so no treatment would be offered so im no worse off, but he said he really doesnt think it is MS! I know im really no further on but he has put my mind as ease, I suppose all I can really do now is put it to the back of my head and if something else does happen, deal with it then. Gogirl X

It’s good to hear of a productive neuro appointment. I suppose there were no definite conclusions but your symptoms are under review. So oit would seem that bothering about it would be a waste.