Do I see GP?

So im not one for seeing the GP, they are so over worked and I often feel im wasting their time. MS however has always been hanging around in my mind, both my Mum and her Mum, my Nan, had MS. The last couple of weeks ive noticed my legs often feeling weak, i get tremors down the backs of my thighs and buttocks, they tremor when I walk down the stairs and ive recently niticed my left leg aches after driving to the point of a tingle in my toes. Sitting on the sofa now typing this my legs feel exhausted! On top of that over the past couple of months, maybe twice a month I can be sitting and suddenly the room will spin for 10-15 seconds before going back to normal. Ive not changed anything about my life which I could think maybe have contributed… I feel that I may be subconsciously connecting the nonexsistent dots based on my family history and worry about nothing? In peoples experience would it be worth going to the GP or would I be laughed out the door? Thank you for reading!


You are unlikely to be laughed out the door by your GP. It sounds as though you have some symptoms that could be caused by any number of things (vitamin deficiencies for example). MS is on your mind because of family history - but that doesn’t mean your symptoms are caused by that.

Having said that, your GP is likely to either do some basic blood tests (hopefully vitamins D and B12 plus thyroid function), and/or do a simple neurological examination, and/or refer you to a neurologist. Perhaps refer you after blood tests are done and results come back. Or s/he will listen to you, and decide on balance that there is no real chance of their being anything wrong.

Try to stop worrying about MS. This is a link to the MS Trust page on the chances of MS being inherited: It shows that your risk of getting MS is higher than in the general population without family members having it, but not so much higher that you should worry over much.

So, see your GP, explain what’s been happening and ask for their opinion.