Newbie and worried

Hi, just need a bit of advice please, my late mum had MS and my uncle, her brother has it too. I’m 42 and have started to get blurred vision in my left eye, and that tingly feeling I remember my mum describing. I put the pins and needles down to anxiety as since she passed away in 2015 I have suffered a. It with depression etc however over the last couple of weeks the tingle is persistent, and annoying, especially on the top of my nose, which is becoming unbearable.

What I need advice on. Is should I see my GP, or will I be wasting their time?

thank you

hi seren

yes you absolutely should see your gp.

that is the whole point of our healthcare system.

i have no idea whether or not it will turn out to be ms.

expect a load of random tests.

good luck and i hope it turns out to be something easy like a vitamin deficiency.

carole x

Thanks Carole I’ll make that appointment x

No, a visit to your GP wont be a waste of time.

With so much MS in your family, it is no wonder you are concerned.

It may turn out to be something less worrying. I hope so hun.


Thank you, I’ve made the appointment. x

Yes, visit your GP and so that you feel in control, eat well and exercise, oh and rest. Very good luck x