Early signs of MS??

Hi, could anyone give me advice/ benefit of their experience of early symptoms of MS. I am waiting on a neurology appt after I raised concerns with my G.P about my symptoms. About 3 years ago I developed blurred vision in my right eye. I was assessed by an ophthalmologist who prescribed glasses with a prism due to a weakness in my right eye muscles. I had never had any visual difficulties. This coincided with a new career as a teacher which was certainly stressful and putting extra strain on my eyes. I still get blurred vision but only when really tired at night. It has never gone away, got better or indeed worsened. In the last few weeks I have developed pins/needles and numbness in my right foot and hand…I am also experiencing pain across my neck and the back of my head. My mum passed away 8 weeks ago and everyone has said that my symptoms could be a delayed reaction to her death which was very stressful. However I am not convinced it is due to anxiety, although I have started having panic attacks, again I have never had anything like this before but I think this is due to worrying about what is wrong with me. I am worried sick that there is something serious and my symptoms all seem to be indicative of MS. Trying my hardest to be positive and to maintain a normal routine but it is proving very difficult. Any advice would be greatly appreciated… Thanks

Hi there,

Firstly, I’m very sorry you have so recently lost your mum. I actually think it’s still very early days and not a ‘delayed’ reaction at all if your symptoms are related. You are doing the right thing getting checked out but in the meantime DON’T Google but pamper yourself… relaxing baths, gentle music, candles etc; read a good book; yoga…whatever you enjoy. Whether this turns out to be MS or stress or something else, taking time to relax will be vital.

Sounds like your GP is on the case so leave it to the specialists now and get back to your new normal, which inevitably and rightly includes grieving for your mum.

Thinking of you and sincerely hope this is your stress and not MS.

Deb x

Thank you for reply Deb, much appreciated. Yes I am trying to stop googling symptoms as it does make you feel worse and certainly more anxious!!

Hi Just wanted to say sorry about your Mum. I’m sure the stress and anxiety attached to the grieving process could through your health right out of kilter but you’ve got a neuro appointment in the pipeline so at least you’re on the right oath to getting some answers. Xx

Hello and welcome :slight_smile: Deb’s given you great advice - I really hope you’ll follow it. It’s worth knowing that there are hundreds of conditions that can cause MS-like symptoms, and some of these are relatively easy to treat. So try to keep away from google and keep an open mind - with any luck your symptoms will be due to something as simple as a vitamin deficiency. Karen x

Thank you all for the sensible and supportive comments. It has definitely helped. Sue x