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My first time here, just wanted some input from someone that has knowledge of MS, to either put my mind at ease or give me advice:-)

In 2009 (age 32) I had some kind off attack one day at a meeting, lasted for some days. Numbness in body, didn’t feel my face, blurry vision, slow/hard to speak, concentration low. Went to the GP, and sent to hospital. Spinal tap fine, MRI fine. Was told afterwards that they had suspected MS, but could not find anything. Maybe it was migraine, which I had a lot of in puberty. Fine.

On and off during the years I have had some symptoms, but just accepted them.

Fall 2017 I got a depression, as I see it caused by some illness in the family and I job I was very ill fitted for. Got on some medication, and worked through it. Had a lot of dizziness, numbness, blurry vision, low concentration and brain fog. These are also symptoms of depression/anxiety and also the medication. I was told when I got better that it was only the medication. Ok, fine.

I got well, but continued the meds for some time, to be sure that I was well again.

Stopped 2 months ago. Mentally I am really good. No depression, love my (new) job, nothing that worries me. But I still have periods with symptoms, approx every 3-4 weeks, lasts about one week. For one week now I have had;

Headaches. Stiff left leg. Ice cold hands, they are numb and hard to coordinate (have to check everything I write, hard to type), blurry vision. Very light sensitive. Have to concentrate hard on everything I do (then it works fine). I check something, but cant remember it straight after. Brain fog. Need more rest than usual.

It might look like I am, but I am very concerned not to look like a hypochondriac. I am really a person that belive that it is normal to have small aches, and most things will pass by themselves. I don’t go to the GP often, but during my depression I was there on a regular basis. I really feel that it is not normal how I feel now, but as of now it is manageable. But I feel it is kind of hard to go to the GP now and “complain” about all these things, as they might link it to my former depression.

What is your thoughts? Does it sound like it is minor, or something that you would ask to be checked out more?

Hi Wuill, I would say to make a note of all your symptoms and see your GP again it’s okay to be concerned about any of your symptoms. I think as we get older having general checks like BP, blood/urine test just to rule out other things. If you get any referral as you did back in 2009 you could also read up on the symptoms and some of the leaflets whether you do or don’t yet have a diagnosis for some information and advice plus any other support. best


I agree with Eagle that making a list, perhaps a timeline, of your symptoms and when they’ve happened then taking that to your GP is a good plan. Yes, of course the GP will recognise that you’ve had depression previously, but will surely ask about your mood and discount it as the cause of your current problems.

Where I disagree is in looking at leaflets or indeed on the internet for symptoms of MS (or anything else come to that). The big problem with MS is that there are many symptoms that also fit other diagnoses. A doctor will look at the symptoms you have plus your medical history and consider what might be wrong. If they feel it is, or might be, neurological in cause, they will refer you to a neurologist. The neurologist will then ask you about your symptom history, do a physical examination and then send you for tests if they feel they are necessary. At no point does a doctor start with a diagnosis and then see if you fit that disorder or disease.

In terms of asking us if your symptoms should be checked by a doctor, the answer is probably. But basically only you know what you’re experiencing and whether a doctor is needed.