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Hi all. I’m 42, started having heaviness in my legs in January this year which has progressively got moreally intense. Legs are heavy and some times feel like I have a tight band just below my knees with an intense burning sensation downwards. Had shingles earlier this year, memery. .well that’s shocking and the tiredness is overwhelming. Gp said at first fibromyalgia but now talking of Ms. An aunt had this and I know what the illness does. Anyone got advice regarding symptoms? Do they sound like Ms or am I being overly concerned

Gp can’t diagnose either fibromyalgia or ms. You need to see a rheumatologist and a neurologist respectively.

Both will have a long waiting list, and that’s just to get a consultation. A rheumatologist should be an to do a physical examination and confirm fibromyalgia, (or not) at the initial consultation. This happened for my husband who paid for a private consultation to avoid the 18 months wait. If diagnosed you can get prescriptions via the nhs.

Ditto with neurologist. Pay for consultation. If they feel ms is likely mri scan will be ordered. Again, pay for this privately if you can, or wait for months. Peace of mind is priceless I think.

hi anon i was told early this year that i had ms i have what feels like bands round my right arm they tighten then just go

The symptoms of MS (and fibromyalgia) are many. And most of them could also be caused by other conditions. For example, vitamin D or B12 deficiencies can produce some MS like symptoms.

Its actually a bit irresponsible of your GP to start sticking things like MS into your head when a) they are not qualified to diagnose MS and b) even a neurologist won’t suggest it’s MS until they have done a few tests.

Your GP should refer you to a neurologist and possibly a rheumatologist (if s/he still thinks it could be fibro!). If you do some research before you see the GP, you should be able to find out if there is an MS specialist at your local hospital (look at the hospital website for details of the consultants from each specialism). Once you’ve been referred to an NHS neurologist, you can find out what the waiting list time is. If it’s an impossible wait and you can afford it, get another referral to an MS specialist private neurologist.

Meanwhile, try to put the idea of MS out of your mind. I realise that’s difficult to do, but avoid if you can, consulting Dr Google. He’s a crap doctor. And will have you believing you have the galloping plague if you’re not careful.


Thanks all. I’m trying not to think about it being Ms but having seen my aunt go through it the seed is there. I am waiting to see a neurologist now. Told you my memory was bad…some of my other symptoms are sweating excessively…never been a sweaty person. Spasms in various parts of my body. Had it in ribs, neck last wk was most significant in my legs and I couldn’t move for a while due to the pain. Currently taking gabapentin, tramadol and fluoxetine