Maybe a misdiagnosis?

Hi, I am currently diagnosed and medicated for fibromyalgia but am having alot of symptoms which are causing me to worry that it might be ms and not fibro and am hoping for so advise. My main symptoms are neck pain and stiffness numb hands and feet and trouble walking occasionally. I have pain symptoms but they are alot less frequent than the others and tend to be more of a sharp stabbing type pain than an ache. Has anyone else suffered miss diagnosis at all and how did you go about approaching it? I don’t want to come accros rude with my rheumatologist but suggesting they are wrong. What symptoms do you all notice the most? Thank you Gem

My main issue has always been weak and heavy legs. The other things developed after that. Are you able to see a neuro as well as the rheumatologist?

My legs have always been weak also. At the moment I am unsure I am pushing for them to look in to the issues further but ever since they diagnosed the fibro they just try and fob me off. I am hoping that me next appointment on the 9th March will be a different rheumatologist someone that is actually willing to listen to my symptoms.

Yeh, I hear ya! I have travelled a very long journey to proper diagnosis. Back in 1998 I kept falling over my left foot! I also had stiffness and spams in my legs and arms…plus bladder/bowel issues. I was tested for MS…no proof…in 2003 they said it could be PPMS…maybe…in 2011 I was told it wasn’t MS, but HSP. A couple of years later a genetic test said it was highly unlikely I had HSP. Last December I was told I have Spinal PPMS. I have heard fibro is banded about quite widely. You could ask for a second opinion. I`ve seen 17 neuros! Good luck. Bouds x