Possible misdiagnosis?

Hello everyone, I waswondering if anyone has any advice. I’m 24 and around 3 years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. The diagnosis was based on a blood test and I just agreed with my Gp and have taken various medications for this since. The issue I have is that for a number of years, since I was around 15 I’ve had many other symptoms which do not fit with the Fibromyalgia diagnosis. These include constant water infections, urge incontinence, constipation, short term memory issues, struggling to get my words out, vomiting for no reason, amongst a few. I also have other symptoms which would be relevant to the Fibromyalgia, such as stiffness, extremely painful legs/feet/back/shoulders/neck, shaking, fatigue, etc. I want to tell my doctor that I think all my symptoms are possibly related (and from a bit of Google diagnosis possibly Ms) but I don’t want to seem stupid or like I think I know best. From the above do you have any advice, regarding what to say? Or even if it sounds like I have a valid reason to suspect it? Thank you!

Hi Toriaz,

have seen posts on here where people have been initally diagnosed with Fibro or ME and later down the line it turns out to be someting else, not alwas MS but sometimes.

Have you ever been referred to a neurologist and/or had MRI? I would have thought that would be the next logical step. If not maybe ask your GP to refer you?

I know Fibro and MS have many similar symptoms so i can see how hard it may be to differentiate between the 2. Weirdly, through all the various diagnoses i have had that tunred out to be incorrect, Fibro was not one of them, which is strange as my mum had fibro so i woiuld have thought that would have been one of the first things considered.

The memory/ speech problems and vomitting may be down to migraine aura, has anyone looked into that possibility for you?



Hi, I do understad the worries and feeings of being mis-diagnosed, as it happened to me.

I was strongly suspected of having PPMS for some years, then had a 95% diagnosis of it for 8 years and then that was turned round to hereditary spastic paraparesis…a similarly inurable desease , with PPMS like syptoms.

Yes, speak to your GP about your concerns and maybe you will get to see a neuro and have a MRI.


Thank you both so much for your replies. With regards to the migraine, I have had migraines since I was a baby, although the migraines I usually get are focal migraines. They do cause vomiting and blurred vision, aswell as numb hands/face/tongue and headaches, but the day to day symptoms I have are definitely not the same. My GP didn’t really suggest any further investigation with the Fibromyalgia, I have been in hospital twice with the vomiting (One time they even took out my appendix, only to later tell me it was fine). I guess this is mainly down to moving house and changing GP more than once. I guess I’ll just make an appointment and hope they take me seriously.

I hope they do, its odd they diagnosed you from a blood test, as there are no blood tests on the market yet for fibro (although one is currently being developed in the US), he should have referred you to a ruematologist for this diagnosis, who could have ruled out any arthritis issues and tested for tender points. Are you bendy / double jointed? this can cause similar symptoms, and is either joint hypermobility syndrome or Ehlers Danlos syndrome, both should be considered by a ruematologist before fibro (my ruematologist diagnosed me with fibro despite me scoring high on the beighton scale for joint hypermobility, and both my sons scoring even higher having inherited it from me) I wouldnt personally mention MS to the GP but maybe ask if your issues could have a neurological cause other than fibro. But even so, I would be possibly looking at changing doctors, if you feel they are not listening to you.