Should I see my GP?

On Monday I was going to do some christmas shopping, I had just made a cup of coffee to have before I left but for some unknown reason my arm let out an uncontrolled jerk and the coffee went everywhere so I decided the coffee wasn’t a good idea, cleaned it up and went shopping. While I was in a well known book shop reading possible my next christmas purchase I threw the book clear out of the shop door, narrowly missing a poor unsuspecting elderly woman, she was a bit shocked but I was mortified,and I then realised that my fingers were tingling and my whole arm felt weak. When I got home I turned to the internet to see what could have caused it which immediately lead me to this web site and after reading I’m actualy quite stunned, heres why. I have a stammer that is getting worse, I have trouble getting my words out, I was told last year that I have become colour blind,I have electric shock feelings at times, vibrating in my legs like a mobile phone, sore eyes most weeks, balance can be off a bit sometimes, I have memory blocks and blackouts, itching and a persistant sore back and stiff neck. I don’t want to jump thr gun and its probably down to age, Im 43 by the way, but should I see my GP and mention MS or jst present my symptoms and see what she says? Thanks for reading and look forward to your response.

Go to see your GP. It may be MS - and even more likely it could be something completely different. One thing I would say though is that this is not something “to be expected” at your age or at any age. Go and see your GP. S/he will take finding out what it is seriously.

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Make sure you tell the GP everything you have told us here. If it helps make a list of your symptoms and when they happened etc so you can give the whole picture to them. Just remember that Dr Google is a bloody terrible doctor so don’t rely on him too much for accurate diagnosis!

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Thanks Boblatina, one thing that Dr google is good at thougb is scaring tge pants off of you lol

‘Yes’ to the GP visit, ‘no’ to asking whether it is MS. You want the GP to concentrate on you and your symptoms, not default to giving you the routine patter they use when a patient comes in thinking (s)he has MS (which is something that patients do quite a lot).

I hope that all turns out to be well. MS is a condition that affects so many parts of a person that many combinations of odd stuff can look to the untrained eye like possible MS when it isn’t really. But sometimes it is, of course, and sometimes it is something completely different that requires a different approach and management. Please talk to your GP: that’s what they are for.



Thanks Alison100 that all makes sence, the only thing that bothers ne though is going to the GP with a whole list of things that are bothering me and looking like a hypochondriac, I had an open surgery hernia operation 2 years ago and have had nothing but trouble with it ever since and everytime I go to the GP they dont seem to have a clue and I’m sure they just think I’m making it up but we all know our own bodies and know when something isn’t right, incidentally thats when all my symptoms seem to have started, after my operation, even my fiancée keeps saying I’ve changed since my opp and she thinks there is something wrong with me I just don’t want to look like an idiot.

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So i take it you havent seen your GP for all the other issues?

I would see your GP about the Myclonic Jerks and go from there. The other symptom i would mention you are having is the electric shocks. Start small and let the GP do the work and not Dr Google lol. x

Have you thought of changing gp?In my opinion,you need to have reasonably good relationship with one and have faith in him/her.

You wouldnt entrust your car to the hands of a mechanic you didnt think was much good, would you?!